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Printing, Photocopying, Scanning, Wireless Computing

Network Printing, Photocopying, Scanning
To use the network printers from any computer in the libraries, you should be an active AUBnet user (registered user) and have a printing/copying/scanning quota with sufficient funds.  Cost is LL.15,000 and permits to use it on any network printer, photocopier or scanner, as per the below chart:

Print-Copy / page Scan/page
A4 B&W 50 10

A4 B&W - Duplex

45 10
A4 Color 200 10
A4 Color - Duplex 195 10
A3 B&W 100 10
A3 B&W - Duplex 95 10
A3 Color 400 10
A3 Color - Duplex 395 10

Purchasing of Print/Copy/Scan Units
Use to check your balance, job details, recharge your account, etc…

If this is the first time you are using this service, please activate and charge your account through:

    • Login using your AUBnet account and password.
    • You will get your user AUBnet summary page, with print/copy/scan quota details at the bottom of that page and an option to "Buy additional Quota". Click on buy additional quota.
    • Select "Proceed with Purchase" and you will buy an equivalent of LL.15,000 of quota.
    • The quota will be uploaded into the print/copy/scan software and can be used within 5 minutes.

A notification email will be sent to you on the completion of the quota purchase transaction.

Payment for the Computing Units
You may pay your AR balance at the cashier’s desk and/or the AR balance will be charged to your statement of fees (next semester’s statement of fees).

For security purposes, users will be allowed to purchase a maximum of LL.30,000 per day.

Stand-alone Printer (for alumni and visitors)
There is one stand-alone printer that is connected locally to a computer for non-AUB patrons who do not have an AUBnet account. You need a magnetic card to print. Automatic dispenser machines to buy and re-charge magnetic cards for printing (and photocopying) are available in the Reference area of Jafet Library. Printing of one A4 page costs 1 unit (LL.50).
The magnetic card is reusable after the encoded value is exhausted by adding value to it through the dispenser machine. The machine accepts only LL.5,000, and the libraries do not deal with cash change.

Photocopying (Stand-alone)
Payment for copies is made by magnetic cards for a cost of L.L.5,000 per card containing 100 units:

    • A4 page - B&W = 1 unit
    • A3 page - B&W = 2 units 
    • A4 page - color = 10 units 
    • A3 page - color = 20 units

Obtaining magnetic cards
Library users may purchase magnetic cards from automated dispensers located at the entrance of the Reference Department in Jafet Library and in branch Libraries.

The magnetic card is reusable after the encoded value is exhausted by adding value to it through the charging machine located in the Reference Department.

No refunds are made for lost or stolen cards. Photocopying of all copyrighted material is governed by Copyright Law; users will be liable for any infringement or violation of the Copyright Law.

Scanning (Stand-alone)
There is one local scanner available in each of libraries: Jafet Computer Lab, Engineering & Architecture, Science & Agriculture, and Saab Medical, which are free of charge.

Computers at the Libraries
Each library contains a number of web-enabled PCs that provide access to the library catalog, electronic resources, Moodle, email, and other online applications. Only active AUB users are allowed to login to the web-enabled PCs. These computers are equipped with CD/DVD reader/writer and USB.

Computers designated to search the library catalog use only are located in the Lobbies of the Libraries. These can be used by non-active users and library guests to search the library catalog.  There are two computers on every floor of the stacks. These computers are  limited to library catalog use only.

List of Software available on the Library Computers
The following are the default software available on public computers:

  1. Microsoft Office 2010 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, InfoPath, Publisher, Documents Image Writer)
  2. Quick time
  3. Roxio Creator (for CD-DVD copy)
  4. Adobe Acrobat Reader
  5. Adobe Flash Player
  6. Power DVD
  7. Windows Media Player
  8. SPSS
  9. Java Virtual Machine
  10. Finale 2011 Music Software (installed on 5 computers in Jafet Library Lab)

Wireless Computing
Wireless computing is available in all libraries. Each active student/faculty/staff may connect to the wireless service provided that their laptops support IEEE802.11g and IEEE802.11b cards.

Users should register their computer/name, and install the license on their laptop (installation is done by the IT-Helpdesk).
For information on how to set-up your laptop and connect to the wireless service, you may call the IT-Helpdesk at extensions: ext. 2260/1 or visit the site: 

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