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Who can use the University Libraries?
The University Libraries primarily serve the University's current faculty, students, staff, and researchers with a valid ID card.
However, visitors are welcome to use the Campus Libraries and should contact the Access Services Department for information on how to issue a membership card.

How can I find out if AUB libraries have a particular book or journal I am interested in before issuing a membership card?
The University Libraries’ print and online collections are available through the Library Catalog. By using the Library Catalog users can get the bibliographic information and availability of the desired titles and collections.

What are the membership categories and fees for visitors?
Click HERE and check your category

Can I have WiFi access in the Libraries?
Visitors to the University Libraries who are current students or faculty affiliated with another institution, actively participating in the global Eduroam collaborative, can use AUB Wifi connections in any campus building. Visitors should check the Eduroam site above or with their home institution to learn if it's a member.

For login instructions and more, see IT announces availability of eduroam (education roaming) service.

Note: When visiting AUB and using the Eduroam service, you are logging onto the internet as an affiliate of your home institution, not AUB; therefore, you will have access to your institutions’ electronic resources, if allowed to do so from Off-Campus (through Ezproxy, Shibboleth, etc..).

Can I use the Libraries’ online resources?
External users with valid membership cards may request an AUB-guest account for on-campus Internet access, for an additional LL.25,000/month/1GB of Internet quota. This account will allow users to access the online resources directly from their laptops and tablets, via the wireless connection AUBGuest.

Otherwise, users with valid membership cards/no Internet quota may search a variety of online databases and download articles with the assistance of staff at the Reference desk(s) in Jafet and branch libraries.

Can I print, and photocopy documents through the libraries?
There is ONE stand-alone printer that is connected locally to a computer for visitors who do not have an AUBnet account. You need a magnetic card to print. Automatic dispenser machines to buy and re-charge magnetic cards for printing (and photocopying) are available in the Reference area of Jafet Library. Printing of one A4 page costs 1 unit (LL.50).

The magnetic card is reusable after the encoded value is exhausted by adding value to it through the dispense machine. The machine accepts only L.L5, 000, and the libraries do not deal with cash change.

For more information, please contact the Access Services Department 
Extension 2619

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