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Munib R. and Angela Masri Institute of Energy and Natural Resources
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International Conference on Efficient Building Design - Materials and HVAC Equipment Technologies


The building sector in general has a major role to play in combating climate change. Better building design and state of art technologies in building materials and systems will greatly reduce the energy consumption and hence reduce the emission in carbon dioxide.  Buildings consume energy more than 40 % worldwide and this portion can reach 70 % in some countries in the region due to high load on HVAC systems.  The utilization and adaptability of technologies of low embodied energy natural materials are new trends that have not been well developed in the Arab region. In addition, the HVAC sector has no clear direction on what technology is optimal and can be adopted when phasing out the HCFC in developing countries. Moreover, the energy efficiency standards and other building codes have not been successfully implemented and remain as challenging issues.  So this conference will serve as a platform for presenting advanced research in these topics hoping to come up with recommendations for decision makers to implement. (Click Here for Flyer)


The scope of the conference is related to the latest research and development in the field of building design and system technologies.  The topics will include but not limited to:

Sustainable building designs
Energy efficiency standards
Building materials
Indoor air quality systems
HVAC and different technologies
Solar heating and cooling for built environment
Energy efficient hybrid
Systems for cooling and water production for hot humid climates


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