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AUB Nature Conservation Center
Team Members


Core Team Leaders

Dr.  Ammar Olabi,  Expert in sensory evaluation of foods – Sensory and biochemical properties of local foods

Dr.  Francois Haman,  Human Physiologist – Potential anti-diabetic effect of traditional food consumption

Dr.  Hala Ghattas,  Community Nutritionist – carrying a school feeding program in two schools in Aarsal – evaluate effects of this program on nutritional status and attendance of children

Dr.  Jad Chaaban,  Economist – Determine economic importance of local food amidst global food prices

Dr.  Jala Makhzoumi, Landscape Designer – Minimize risk on ecosystem by encouraging community members and policy makers to favor sustainable local solutions

Dr.  Malek Batal,  PI, Nutritionist – Evaluate positive effect of local foods on human health and nutrition

Dr.  Michael Robidoux,  Ethnologist – Cultural value around local food traditions and practices

Dr.  Omar Obeid, Nutritionist - Potential anti-diabetic effect of traditional food consumption

Dr.  Salma Talhouk, co-PI, Biodiversity and resource management -  Sustainable management of natural resources for better health and environment

Dr.  Zeina Kassaify,  Food Microbiologist – Development of food safety program for locally produced foods


New Team Leaders – focusing on Aarsal

Dr. Mounir Mabsout, Center for Civic Engagement and Community Service–  Coordination of student volunteer involvement in Aarsal (computer literacy, construction of public garden/playground, donation drive for book and toys, etc.)Design concept for public garden/playground

Dr. Najat Saliba, Chemistry - Preliminary air pollution assessment

Mr. Rabih Shibli & Elke Berger, Landscape Design and Ecosystem Management – Leading two Final Year Landscape Design Projects in Aarsal
Dr. Salah Sadek & Dr. Mounir Mabsout, Civil and Environmental Engineering - Leading a Final Year Project on assessment of quarries as a natural resource;  value-added of quarry by-product





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