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AUB Nature Conservation Center, is an interdisciplinary center at AUB created in 2002 to promote nature conservation.

Our mission is to promote conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity for the purpose of enhancing wellbeing of people and nature by providing an open innovative and collaborative platform. Our mission is achieved through research, education, community outreach, and knowledge dissemination.

Our vision is to establish the center as a recognized reference center for the study and sustainable use of dry land biodiversity.

The uniqueness of our center is its strategic approach to nature conservation, which is primarily based on initiating nature-based economic opportunities that are competitive and sustainable. The success of such ventures becomes a venue for promoting the value of nature and instilling a cultural outlook on the importance of preserving the region’s natural assets. Our society is an area of surprising biological diversity where fertile lands, semi-arid, and arid regions coexist. While almost every university in the West has its own biodiversity center, the AUB Nature Conservation Center is unique in the region as it is the only academic center that collects, identifies, catalogues, creates databases, cultivates, and researches the nutritional, medicinal uses, and applications of endemic species in the region. Our Center acts as a platform of innovative thinking and collaborative activities and has attracted more than 40 Faculty members, students, and AUB graduates who work together in a multidisciplinary environment.

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