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Tobacco Control Research Group
Regional Network

The AUB-TCRG has a very good working relationship with researchers in the region who are involved in conducting tobacco control research, particularly regarding the waterpipe. The main objective of having a regional network is to develop common agendas and research priorities across the region. This objective can be achieved through identifying potential members for a regional research network of tobacco control researchers in the first place; and coordinating a regional research network of tobacco control researchers.

 We  are working on:

A- Identifying potential members for a regional research network of tobacco control researchers

B- Coordinating a regional research network of tobacco control researchers

First Regional Research Network Meeting
A group of researchers from the King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC), the Jordanian University for Science and Technology (JUST), Virginia Common Wealth University (VCOMU), University of Pittsburg (UPITT) and the American University of Beirut (AUB) met in September 26-28, 2010. The meeting was sponsored by the KHCC. The meeting brought together researchers from the region to identify common research interests and potential areas of collaboration in research, specifically on the narghile.  The three main outcomes were (1) identifying research questions and potential cross country projects (2) discussing plans and agreeing to organize a “state of the science” conference on Waterpipe Tobacco Research  and producing a joint monograph that summarizes the current status of knowledge on waterpipe tobacco research. 

Second Regional Research Network Meeting
The second meeting was held on 31 January till 2 February 2011. This meeting aimed at bringing together NIH-funded researchers from the U.S. (Virginia Common Wealth University -VCOMU), Jordan (King Hussein Cancer Center- KHCC, the Jordanian University for Science and Technology- JUST), Lebanon (the American University of Beirut - AUB), and Syria (Syrian Center for Tobacco Studies) to form an “International Consortium for Waterpipe Tobacco Smoking Research”. If funding is granted the group proposed over 5 years, to conduct studies to answer core questions needed to advance evidence-based responses to WTS by: investigating the health effects of waterpipe tobacco smoking including lung cancer and cardiopulmonary disease; advancing understanding of WPS dependence; evaluating current policy influence on WTS; and outlining WTS-specific policy needs in countries where WTS is highly prevalent. 

Third Regional Research Network Meeting

A third meeting took place in Amman in June 2011. The objectives of this meeting was to finalize the draft proposal for a regional research grant.  This meeting will also start preliminary planning for the International conference on waterpipe tobacco smoking.




Building a network of various regional researchers with a common vision has been initiated. The International Waterpipe Tobacco Research conference that is planned will contribute towards moving the evidence base on waterpipe tobacco research in the region and internationally and identifying new interested researchers.  Our meetings and work on a common proposal ensures that production of research evidence builds on previous findings.

If interested in the regional research collaboration please contact : Dr. Rima Nakkash:

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