University Research Board
University Research Board (URB) 
Mission Statement 

The mission of the University Research Board (URB) is to encourage and support quality research across all disciplines at the American University of Beirut. The URB promotes basic, innovative and applied research; inter-and multi-disciplinary research; production of scholarly and creative works. In accordance with the mission of the University, the URB supports research that addresses the multiple challenges faced by the region. The URB recognizes the crucial importance of freedom of thought and expression to research excellence and the advancement of knowledge. It serves as an advocate for adherence to high standards of research ethics, integrity and conduct.

Contact Information 
American University of Beirut
Office of the Provost
Extension 2510 (009611350000)
Fax (009611) 363283
  • Consider and recommend to the Senate policies for the allocation of internal funds for research. Internal funds include URB grants as well as research grants initiated through AUB endowment funds and open for competitive grant application.
  • Advise the provost on the implementation of policies pertaining to research funding, long-term faculty development and visiting scholars supported by URB funds.
  • Prepare, edit and publish the biennial research report of the University.
  • Arbitrate and recommend action to the provost on any disputes or differences on intellectual property issues related to proposals, deliverables, publications, or other research products.
  • Advise the provost on matters concerning research ethics, integrity and conduct.

Currently, the URB supports AUB faculty research with the following types of funding:


  • Two representatives from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (one from the Humanities/Social Sciences and one from the Sciences) and one representative from each of the other faculties, all of whom are elected by their respective faculties for terms of three years.
  • The provost or his/her designee, ex-officio, as a non-voting member.
  • The director of the Office of Grants and Contracts, by invitation.
  • The chair is appointed by the president of the University. 


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