Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management, AUB
Report an Unsafe Condition 

Dear Members of the AUB Community:

AUB considers the safety of everyone on campus a paramount concern.  However, while each of us usually takes his or her own safety seriously, members of the AUB community are also urged to approach safety as a collective concern.

Faculty members, managers, and staff at all levels should be responsible and mindful of the safety and protection of their operations, the individuals that they supervise, and University property.

Every person is requested to lend full cooperation to ensure that University activities occur safely and in a secure environment. We strongly encourage you to report to the Environmental Health Safety & Risk Management Department (EHSRM) any hazardous condition that you might suspect by contacting EHSRM.

You can fill an incident report form by clicking here.

If you have any inquires,please email us to ehsc@aub.edu.lb or call extension 2360.

Thank you, and have a safe and prosperous academic year.






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