Richard A. Debs, PhD

Chairman emeritus since 2005 and trustee since 1976, Debs received an Honorary Doctorate from AUB in 2005. He has had a distinguished career as a lawyer, banker, public servant, philanthropist, and published author. Debs was the chief operating officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and then the founding president of Morgan Stanley International, where he continues as an advisory director. He has served as chair of Carnegie Hall, the US Saudi Business Council, the New York Stock Exchange International Committee, and as trustee of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the Institute of International Education, and the Barenboim Said Foundation. The author of Islamic Law and Civil Code (Columbia University Press, 2010), Debs has been decorated by the governments of Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. He is a graduate of Colgate University, Harvard University, Princeton University, and Harvard University.‚Äč