Abdlatif Al-Hamad

Since the early 1960s, Mr. Al-Hamad has been highly active in promoting economic and social development, particularly in the Arab world. In this capacity, Mr. Al-Hamad has held several important posts. He has also served on numerous commissions and boards, including: the Brandt Commission; deputy chairman of the International Institute for Environment and Development; member and chairman, United Nations Committee for Development Planning; member of the South Commission; member of the Commission on Global Governance 1992; chairman, Development Committee Task Force on Multilateral Development Banks; member of the International Finance Corporation Banking Advisory Board Group; member of the Board of Directors of BlackRock; and member of the Board of the Kuwait Investment Authority. Currently, Mr. Al-Hamad is director general and chairman of the Board of Directors of the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development; and trustee, Arab Planning Institute. Mr. Al-Hamad received his bachelor’s degree from Claremont College and master’s degree from the Harvard International Affairs Program.​