Cats On Campus


Welcome to the Cats at AUB website!​ The purpose of this website is to offer useful information about the cats on campus, including AUB’s policy toward them, the program we are following to manage and care for them, and ways in which you can help us help them – and in so doing minimize any negative effects of their presence on campus.

Cats have made the AUB campus their home for more than 30 years. An initially small colony which included many pets abandoned during the war has grown steadily and is today a familiar and generally tolerated presence. In accordance with the university’s goal of promoting humane care for these cats, while recognizing and reacting to all valid concerns of students and staff, we have created a program to humanely manage the campus cats and to control their number through neutering and veterinary care, adoption, daily monitoring and feeding.​​

How Can You Help?​​

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​Dr. Ihab Chaaban, Doctor in Veterinary 
Phone: 70-693969