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Binding and Repair (In-house)

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Policy Statement

This policy sets the general rules of binding and book repair at the University Libraries which involve most departments in the library. Outsourced binding is managed in the Serials and Cataloging departments, book repair is mainly done by the book conversation section at the Archives and Special Collections Department.

Book and Serials Binding Policies

  • All paperback books (excluding branch libraries and some textbooks) are sent to binding and book jacket affixing.
  • Original binding is outsourced to a professional book binder.
  • Book jacket affixing, for hard cover books, are done in-house in the library conservation lab in the Archives and Special Collections Department.
  • Book binding internal workflow is managed by the Cataloging Department and follows its policies and procedures.
  • Binding of complete volumes of serials is managed by the Serials and E-Resources Department and follows its policies and procedures.
  • Books and serials are sent to binding in big bunch once every month.
  • Rush binding items are picked up by the binder once a week.
  • Binding errors are returned to bindery for repair.
  • Contacts, follow up and reporting on outsourced binding is done by the Serials Department.
  • All going and incoming binding materials have to pass through AUB Auxiliary Services.
  • Policies on book repair are further developed in the Archives and Special Collections policies and procedures.

Correct Binding and Book Repair Policies

  • All items needing repair are reported by circulation staff or other to the librarian in charge of the collection: Collection Development, Reference, Archive and Special Collections and Branch librarians.
  • The librarian in charge decides on whether items need repair, based on: usage, availability of other copies in the Library or availability online.
    • ​If no newer or other copies were found in the Library, the Librarian checks if the book is still in print and orders the latest edition. The item needing repair is kept as is, until the new edition is received and processed, when it is discarded. A note that it is to be discarded should be added in the Note area in Copies record. 
    • In case the book was out of print, the Librarian routes the item to Cataloging Dept., with an initialed flyer: No new ed. Available please repair.
    • Cataloging Dept. assesses the condition of the books and takes action:
      • ​​Items with minor repair of the cover and spine are sent to the binder for correct binding.
      • Items with poor physical conditions are sent to ASC/Preservation Section for action.
      • In most cases old and out of print items are handled with care and kept for in- house repair.


Procedures follow the Cataloging and Metadata Department, the Serials and E-Resources

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