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Appropriate Conduct in the University Libraries

​​​​​​​​​​Last edited October, 2016​​

Policy Statement

The University Libraries’ mission is to provide access to a variety of information sources and services to support research, study, teaching, and the general pursuit of knowledge at the University in a pleasant and stimulating environment. In order to succeed in this mission, the Libraries and their users must observe a relationship of reciprocal rights and responsibilities characterized by respect for the rights of others, respect for the Libraries’ resources, and respect for appropriate conduct in a public place. This document is intended to address conduct expectations by library users so that the University Libraries can meet their mission.

Library Rules

Reading Areas

  • ​Follow all library rules posted in the form of signs in the different areas of the Library.
  • Follow instructions and engage with library staff in a respectful and courteous manner.
  • Keep noise to a minimal level, so that other students are not disturbed. Silent as well as group study areas are available. Please use the area that suits best your needs.
  • Turn your mobile phone to "silent" in all study areas.
  • Don’t leave your belongings unattended at any time. The Library is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • The reservation of seats in public reading areas is not permitted; items on reserved seats may be removed by library staff.
  • Bottled water and coffee in closed tops are allowed in the Library; other drinks and food are not allowed.
  • Help keep the Library clean and tidy by using the appropriate bins and recycling facilities.

Library Collections

  • ​​Show your AUB ID card in order to be able to borrow library items. You must not allow anyone else to use your AUB ID card to access the Library and borrow materials.
  • Assume full responsibility for all items borrowed on your card, returning or renewing them on time and responding promptly to any library notices: do not transfer or lend items borrowed on your card to others.
  • The Library has a security barrier to monitor circ​ulation of library items. Activation of the alarm may result in searching bags.
  • Handle Library books and other materials with care and respect. Library items should not be written on, defaced, tempered with or torn.
  • Do NOT reshelf Library items; leave them at the Circulation Desk, on tables, or on shelves in stacks
  • Abide by the copyright law and policies posted on the library webpage and next to photocopiers in the Library.

Computer Lab

​Only AUB users with a valid user name and password can use the Computer Lab. You must not allow anyone else to use your AUB online authentication information.

​Library Facilities

  • Take good care of library equipment, furniture, and facilities. Abstain from engaging in any act of vandalism, including defacing or writing on library walls, furniture or equipment.
  • Never enter areas designated as staff working area unless by appointment.
  • ULs welcome your complaints/suggestions/recommendations.
  • Ask for permission if you wish to post an announcement at one of the Library's boards.

Libraries' Rights & Duties

The Library reserves the right to:
  • ​​​Ask any violator of the rules stated above to stop their disruptive behavior; upon unwillingness to comply with verbal warnings a user may be asked to leave the Library premises.
  • Call the University Protection Office if a library user is resisting staff instructions to abide by the Library rules.
  • Contact the Dean of Students if the library user is a student and is in a serious and deliberate violation of the library rules.
  • Bill the library user for lost, missing, mutilated, defaced items, including a processing fee.
  • Revoke library privileges in cases of serious offenses and violations.

Contact Us

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Privacy Statement

We take data privacy seriously and adhere to all applicable data privacy laws and regulations.
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Copyright and Disclaimer

Written permission is needed to copy or disseminate all or part of the materials on the AUB website.
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Title IX, Non-Discrimination, and Anti-Discriminatory Harassment

AUB is committed to providing a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment to all members of its community.
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