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Appropriate Use of the University Libraries Electronic Resources

​​​​​​​​​Last edited October, 2016​​

Policy Statement

The University Libraries subscribe to, purchase, and provide access to hundreds of thousands of electronic resources (e.g., databases, electronic journals, and electronic books) from a variety of vendors and publishers to support the educational and research activities of AUB students, faculty, staff, alumni, friends, and visitors. These resources are governed by license and contract agreements that stipulate how the resources may be used. If license terms are violated, vendors and publishers have the right to temporarily suspend access for all library users.  In some cases, licenses can be permanently revoked. This policy is designed to help prevent problems with our electronic resource providers. It informs users about acceptable and unacceptable practices regarding our e-resources.

Access to E-Resources

Access to licensed electronic resources is governed by the terms of the license agreement and is usually granted to current AUB students, faculty, and staff. Whenever the license agreement allows it, access to alumni, Friends of the Library, walk-in users is arranged on computers physically located in the University Libraries. Most of the University Libraries’ electronic resources are available without restriction from any computer workstation on campus. Off- campus access, which requires confirmation of University status through ezproxy, is provided to all e-resources except those that have a limitation on the number of simultaneous users.

Acc​eptab​le practices
Unacceptable practices
​Making limited print or electronic copies, such as single articles.
​Systematic or substantial printing, copying or downloading, such as entire books or journal issues.
​​Using for personal, instructional, and research purposes.
​Selling or commercially exploiting content.
​Sharing with other current AUB students, faculty, and staff.
​Sharing with people other than current AUB ​students, faculty, and staff.
​Posting links to specific content.
​Posting actual content or articles on web sites or to listservs.
​Including in interlibrary loan activities, provided that the resources are/were available in print at the University Libraries or, when  ILL is allowed in the license agreement.
​Alteration, abridgement, adaptation or modification of the licensed material is prohibited, except to the extent necessary to make it accessible on a computer screen or as otherwise permitted in the license agreement.


​Electronic resources are copyrighted and are subject to all applicable copyright and database protection rights under the laws of all countries. All utilizations of the electronic resources, including downloading, printing or creating copies of content from these resources must adhere to the University Libraries’ Copyright, Fair Use, and Reproduction Policies.

Loss of Access Privileges

​Violators of the Library’s e-resources licensing agreements will have their access privileges  suspended and may be subject to other disciplinary measures.

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