Posting in the Lobby

​​​​Last edited October, 2016​​​

Policy Statement

​The University Library welcomes and encourages AUB students, faculty, and organizations to use library facilities in order to communicate information about events, conferences, concerns, or other matters of public, academic and scholarly interest.

Posting Guidelines

When posting information (e.g. flyers, posters, advertising materials, etc.), library users should adhere to the following guidelines:
  • ​​All requests for posting must be approved by the Research & Instruction Department.
  • Only designated areas in the library lobby may be used by faculty, students, and staff to post information about University related events and issues; signs cannot be attached to walls, glass doors or windows, entrance and exit doors, nor can they be posted in restricted or undesignated library areas.
  • Posting of any commercial signs and materials which are inappropriate for public display in an academic institution is prohibited.
  • Postings must be done in a respectful manner. This includes not taking down, covering or interfering with other postings.​

Removal Guidelines

​Below are some guidelines for posting removal:
  • ​​Announcements of past events are removed by staff from RIS Department.
  • Posters for past events are occasionally removed by a staff member from ASC department.
  • All items posted in restricted areas will be removed by Library staff.
  • The library endorses the concept of intellectual freedom and discourages anyone from removing signs for University-sponsored events before the event date has passed.
  • All departments/student organizations which post materials are responsible for removing the materials in a timely fashion. All posters for events which have already passed may be removed.
  • The Library reserves the right to remove any posted material at anytime from anywhere within the Library.​​