Lost and Found

​​​​Last edited October, 2016​​​

Policy Statement

Library users are expected to keep all their belongings, especially valuable items, within their sight at all times. The University Libraries are not responsible for lost personal items. The following guidelines clarify the handling, return, reporting, tracking, claiming and retrieval of lost items, as well as procedures for turning in found items and for disposing of unclaimed ones.

The University Libraries’ Lost & Found is located at and managed by the Reference Department in Jafet Library. To place a query or report a found item, please contact the Library staff in person at the Reference Desk, or by phone at extension 2620, or by e-mail at jftref@aub.edu.lb.

Found or Turned-In Items

  • Any valuable item found at any of the campus Libraries should be turned in to the Reference Desk at Jafet Library.
  • Unattended items, such as books, notebooks, writing instruments, and anything else the Reference staff judges as non-valuable or unlikely to be claimed, will be kept on a designated table in Reference Room. If unattended items have not been claimed by the end of the semester, they will be discarded. Unclaimed books may be added to the University Libraries’ collections, donated, or discarded as deemed appropriate.
  • Reference staff will log all valuable and personal items found or turned in to the University Libraries’ and store them in a locked box.
  • If not claimed within the same day they were found or turned in to the University Libraries’ all items except for USBs will be turned over to the University’s Office of Protection before 5:00pm of that day.
  • If a valuable item was found or turned in to the University Libraries’ after 5:00pm and was not claimed by the correct owners, it will be turned over to the University’s Office of Protection the following morning.
  • If an item has any identifying information (e.g., student IDs, books or notebooks with names written on them, wallets, purses, etc.), a Reference staff member will attempt to contact the owner via phone or e-mail.

Reporting and laiming Lost Items

  • L​​ibrary users who wish to report lost or stolen items must do so at the Reference Desk in Jafet Library; they must provide their names, phone number, and/or e-mail address and a specific description of what was lost. This information will be entered into the University Libraries’ lost items logbook.
  • An immediate comparison will be made between what was reported lost and what was found or turned in to the Reference Desk. If items in the logbook match the materials found or turned in, the item in question will be immediately returned to its owner.
  • If reported lost or stolen items are not among the items found or turned in to the Reference Desk, the person reporting the missing or lost items must inform the University's  Office of Protection.
  • In order to claim a lost item, the owner must describe the item as closely or accurately as possible and will need to present an ID if the item has a name on it. After ownership is established, the owner signs out for the item in question.