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​​​Publishing in Open Access helps increase the visibility of your research output. There are several ways to go about it. The first route is called the golden route, where you publish on a publisher's platform. The second route is the green route, where you publish a version of your manuscript in a repository. 

Our institution, like all prominent institutions around the world, has provided a platform where AUB research community can publish their scholarly output.

AUB ScholarWorks is AUB's institutional repository (IR). When depositing a version of your publication on AUB ScholarWorks, you are ensuring a higher discoverability of your publication (among many other services) because the repository gets indexed by all major search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo. You can still publish with a commercial publisher, but you will have to read your license to see if the publisher allows you to deposit a copy in the repository.
Most publishers are allowing preprints to be deposited in IRs, however, if not, researchers can still negotiate their license agreement. 

AUB ScholarWorks hosts not only articles, but any other kind of research output, such as research data.
Research data, which are the data collected and analyzed throughout the research process and on which conclusions are built, are becoming an essential part of the research output. Many publishers are asking for a copy of the dataset to be published along with the submitted article.
Also, most funding agencies require data sharing and advocate for open data.

AUB Databank, under AUB ScholarWorks is a place where you can host your research data without having to pay for hosting fees on other commercial platforms. Again, AUB Databank inherits all the benefits and services provided by AUB ScholarWorks, such as making the dataset more visible, generating a unique identifier for the dataset, preserving the dataset for long term access and having full control of the data published. 
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