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UL collaborate with USFC for a plan to enhance students’ Library experience

​​​​​The AUB University Libraries have gladly partnered with the University Student Faculty Committee (USFC ) to work on a proactive plan to improve students’ experience at the library, and especially in the reading areas. 

USFC has recently introduced a sub-committee, led by student representative, Saleem Halablab, to work closely with the Libraries, in coordination with other related departments to address current issues and improve conditions at the library. 

On the afternoon of March 27, a campaign to invite students to be more considerate at the Libraries was launched during an event entitled “Happiness at the Library”.  The theme behind the event was “your behavior at the library affects others, so you should be more considerate”.  

It was a campaign led by students and raising awareness through video recordings of students addressing other students, who disturb the silence and/or reserve seats for a long time. The videos were collected and a short, edited video with be shared soon to create awareness and to encourage students to be proactive in supporting and abiding by the Library Code of Conduct. 

Most interviewed students mentioned three main issues: 1) seat reservation causing unfair space usage, 2) talking and being noisy in the reading areas, which made studying very difficult and stressful and 3) littering, which made the reading areas less appealing. 

The event was accompanied by the posting of the new library signage, reminding library patrons of the code of conduct in a more “friendly” and relatable approach. 

Every library patron can take the lead and can play a role in minimizing these common inconveniences by respecting the library Code of Conduct. 

This initiative is the first of its kind and the UL and USFC will be committed to working on similar initiatives in the future, constantly improving the student services at the libraries. 

We will be sharing the videos soon on social media. Stay tuned.

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