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HathiTrust provides access to more exclusive materials through Emergency Temporary Access Service (ETAS)

​​HathiTrust continues to offer an exceptional service to AUB Libraries as one of the few non-US partners in the collaborative, through the Emergency Temporary Access Service (ETAS).

AUB students, faculty, and staff now have access to the online versions of over 1,780 periodicals and 131,600 books via the HathiTrust digital database (previously only 213 and 11,307, respectively).

This is in addition to the 4.4 million public domain items that were already accessible through the HathiTrust partnership. 

One concurrent digital checkout is allowed for each print copy. ETAS will be available for as long as the current emergency lasts. To access and search the service, please go to the University Libraries and select HathiTrust from the list of databases. For details about accessing and searching HathiTrust, please visit this guide.

Below are more details related to the accessibility of materials through HathiTrust's ETAS.

1)      Qualifying works

These works qualify for access under this policy:

Materials in HathiTrust that are normally marked “Limited View" (whether in-copyright or copyright-undetermined) that are also held by the library, as indicated by the print holdings data submitted last to HathiTrust through its normal print holdings submission process.

Note: Member libraries also continue to have access to public domain and Creative Commons-licensed works.  These are marked "Full View" in the HathiTrust Digital Library interface. 

These works do not qualify for access under this policy:

  • Materials in HathiTrust that are normally marked “Limited View" (in-copyright and copyright-undetermined works) where HathiTrust cannot establish a match between the library's print collection and the HathiTrust Digital Library.
  • Works that have been closed to access by anyone under HathiTrust's privacy policy.

2)      Access Methods and Restrictions

  • Online reading access will be provided.
    Users will have the option to display 2 pages, or thumbnail views of many pages, to assist them in navigating the book and find relevant pages but will not have the option to download.
  • The number of concurrent users accessing a work is tied to the number of copies a library holds, e.g., 1 locally-held copy at an institution will allow only 1 user to access the digital work in HathiTrust for the checkout period, and 3 copies will permit 3 users.
  • These limits are enforced at the institutional level, e.g., there can be multiple concurrent users of the same item if they are affiliated with different qualifying institutions that also hold the work. 
  • HathiTrust may reduce the number of concurrent users across an institution or across all members if necessary, to support quality of service​

For information, contact Jafet Library via email

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