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Head of Access Services at the UL attended and presented a poster at IFLA ILDS Conference (2019)

​​  Carla Chalhoub, Head of Access Services at the AUB University Libraries (UL) attended and participated in the 2019 IFLA ILDS Conference, which was entitled: “Beyond the Paywall: Resource Sharing in a Disruptive Ecosystem".

The 16th IFLA ILDS Conference took place at the NTK (National Library of Technology) in Prague, Czech Republic, on October 9-11, 2019 and was attended by Librarians and professionals from all over the world.

During the conference, Chalhoub presented a poster, which was about the Lebanese Inter-Library Loan and Document Delivery Services Consortium (LIDS) and was titled: “LIDS: A Cooperative System within a Competitive Environment".

When asked to summarize her presentation and comment about it, Chalhoub said, “Lebanon, a population of approximately 7,000,000 and a country of a surface area of 10,452 km² has more than 50 universities, of which only one is public and less than 15 universities have recognizable libraries. All of the universities compete for the same pool of students, providing different quality of education and associated cost to the students."

She continued, adding, “While competing for the same students, the universities are unified in their vision of improving the country through developing its youth. A similar problem faced by all universities in Lebanon is the lack of resources, which limits the budget of libraries. The Lebanese Inter-library loan and Document Delivery Services (LIDS) consortium was conceived as a mechanism for libraries from different universities to synergize their efforts in providing scholastic material to their community. It expanded to include special libraries, for example the ESCWA library."

Describing the important role of LIDS, Chalhoub stated, “LIDS has an established operating system of sharing resources that is constantly adjusted and optimized. Our ongoing and future projects include expanding the number of members in the consortium, developing an online searchable union catalog to facilitate locating resources within the consortium, exploring controlled digital lending, reviewing the Lebanese copyright law and becoming advocates for policies that expand the public domain and push for exceptions to copyright."

She ended her comments by saying that LIDS is a perfect example of how a cooperative system with a unified goal can be created and maintained in a competitive environment, despite limited resources.

For more about LIDS and about the University Libraries' Inter-Library Loan and Document Delivery Services, contact Carla Chalhoub ( - ext. 2619). 

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