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In memoriam of, Maleeha Suidan Maalouly, former Engineering Librarian and long-standing AUBite

​​It is with a heavy heart that the University Libraries and the AUB community received the news of the passing away of Mrs. Maleeha Suidan Maalouly, former Engineering Librarian and long-standing AUBite on Monday, June 21, 2021.

Maalouly attended AUB in 1960 for a brief business course over 2 years and then started working at the Registrar's office in 1962. While there, she completed her BA in philosophy, and then completed a master's degree, also in philosophy, under the guidance of Dr. Charles Malek.

After that, she started working in Jafet Library as an accountant, and then assumed many positions. In 1979, she traveled to attend Emory University in Atlanta where she completed her second master's degree, this time in library science.

She then rejoined the AUB libraries as the Engineering Librarian and lead the Engineering and Architecture library from 1984, until she retired in September of 2005.

During this period, Mrs. Maalouly worked on expanding and enriching the library collections and supervised the move of the library from the chemistry building to the more spacious, lightened and better equipped location in Bechtel Building.

Maleeha was highly respected and praised by former colleagues and friends.

Dr. Lokman Meho, University Librarian, said that he was fortunate to have worked with Maalouly for a short while back when he was a student assistant; and although he did not get the chance to interact with her directly, he always heard nothing but praise regarding her character, personality, and leadership from all those around her.

Khaled Noubani, the current Head of the Engineering and Architecture library remembers Maalouly describing her as “greatly respected, appreciated, and admired by students, staff, and faculty" adding that “She was very well known for her generosity and encouragement to all library staff and student assistants."

Noubani says that he considers himself fortunate to have served for several years under her supervision, and he ends his thoughts by saying that “Mrs. Maalouly, will continue to be a blessing to all of us." 

Rudaynah Shoujah, former AUB Libraries staff member and a friend of Maleeha's, describes her as “a lady who is hard to forget, especially with her frank and spontaneous character, and her elegant figure".  Shoujah says that she is proud to have been Maleeha's friend, whom she confided in and sometimes relied on her judgements, explaining how living in the same area meant that she kept seeing her from time to time, even after retiring, and how their happiness upon seeing each other was always so obvious each time.

I will miss you my dear friend, Maleeha. The kind and self-built lady, who earned her status with continuous education and resilience. My sincere condolences to her family and especially to her adorable sons, Kamal and Kareem."

Arminee Choukasizian, another long-standing AUBite and former Library staff member remembers how she first met Maleeha when she was still working at the Registrar's office while she herself was a graduate student at the English Department. She recalls how they became very good friends and describes Maleeha as a “genuine friend" adding, “Her death left a big void in my life, may God bless her soul and may she live in everlasting peace." 

Nadine Knesevitch, a friend of Maleeha's and a former University Libraries colleague said that she was privileged to meet such a remarkable lady like Maleeha, who was so gentle and genuine, adding that "Maleeha will always be fondly remembered..."

When asked for her thoughts on Maleeha's death, Ragheda Rahbani Sleiman, another AUBite and former Libraries staff member said, “A true friend is never gone; their spirit lives on in the memory​ of those who loved them."

Sleiman says that Maleeha will always be remembered as the wonderful lady, friend, and professional she was, recalling the first day they met many years back in the Engineering Library at AUB, “She sat gracefully at her desk with her simply coiffed silver hair and an inviting smile. My first impression throughout the years never changed; she always was the beautiful, kind, genuine, and sincere lady and friend I'm glad to have known and crossed paths with. One of the few people I met in my life whose name truly reflected their personality and character."

Sleiman adds that she will remember their long summer afternoons at the AUB beach and the serene hours they spent gazing at the horizon, promising Maleeha that she will “always think of her with a smile, especially when passing in Jeanne D'arc Street; this street has undoubtedly lost one of its lights." Adding, “We will miss you, dear friend, a candle that silently shined with love, care, and kindness to all. Farewell Maleeha, may your soul rest in heavenly peace..."

The AUB University Libraries send their sincere condolences to Maleeha's sons, Kamal and Karim, to her brother and former dean of MSFEA Makram Suidan, and to all her family and friends.

You will remain in our thoughts and prayers Maleeha. May you rest in peace.

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