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The finding aids below describe some salient archival and special collections of the AUB libraries; this page is continuously updated.

University Archives

Abdul-Massih Massuh Collection, 1918-1944

A dentist from Hama, Syria, Dr. Massuh DDS. 1925 studied and practiced dentistry during the transition from Ottoman Empire to French Mandate and finally to independent Lebanon. The collection includes work permits, certificates, diplomas, and medical oath. The documents in the collection represent dentistry teaching and practice during early 20th C. (Dentistry, academic degrees)

Abdul Mun’im Talhouk Collection, 1895-2007

Abdul Mun’im Talhouk (1913-2004) Professor and world reference in entomology. BS 1948 and MS 1955 both from the American University of Beirut. He received his doctorate from the University of Munich, Germany, in 1960. The collection includes his research around the Middle East, correspondence with scientists, his articles, books, negatives, and photos. It mirrors the long life, research, labor of a prominent entomologist, and his connections with international scientists from around the world. (AUB faculty, Entomology)

Albert Jacobs Digital Photo Collection, 1927-1929

Albert Jacobs (1910-1963) born in New York, USA, joined the American University of Beirut between 1927 and 1929. The collection consists of 47 digital black and white photos, with a short film prepared by Cliff Jacobs, son of Albert. The collection portrays images of AUB campus, Lebanon and Syria. It records the life and travels of an international student in the Middle East. It is important to scholars interested in life of AUB students as well as description and travel in the Middle East during the 2nd decade of the 20th century. (AUB, Lebanon)

Albert W. Staub Collection, 1919-1928

The collection consists of correspondence exchanged between Executive Secretary to the Board of Trustees from1919 until his retirement in1947, Mr. Albert W. Staub and AUB President Bayard Dodge and George B. Stewart, discussing various administrative affairs and developments of the college. (AUB History, Education)

American Press Collection, 1866-1964

The American Press was founded by the American Mission to Malta in 1822 and moved to Beirut in 1834. The American Press contributed immensely to the intellectual and printing boom witnessed by the region at the end of the 19th c. and the turn of the 20th c. “Al Matbaaha al Amirikiyah” had its own movable letter block print design. (English and Arabic - known as "American Arabic") (Publishing Lebanon, Book industry, An-Nahda)

American University of Beirut Photo Albums, 1953-1956

The American University of Beirut Photo Albums 1953-1956 consist of 179 photographs in two albums. They cover different events, during the presidency of Stephen Penrose and beyond such as Commencement and honoring ceremonies, students’ extracurricular activities and AUB buildings and grounds. The albums also depict the visits of prominent Middle Eastern and international personalities to campus. The collection is relevant to researchers interested in the history of AUB during 1953-1956. (AUB history, student activities)

Amin al-Mumayiz Collection, 1950-1997

This small collection of Amin Mumayiz, Iraqi diplomat and AUB graduate 1933, contains personal papers, press clippings, correspondence, manuscripts and drafts of Amin al-Mumayiz’s published books, in addition to 28 postcards of Saudi Arabia, 80 personal photos, as well as a few photos on Saudi Arabia and the United States. (Sociology, Anthropology, Diplomacy 20th Century)

Anis Frayha Collection, 1931-2019

Anis Frayha, an author, researcher, professor of Semitic languages, and educator of many generations. The Anis Frayha collection, one linear foot, includes his biography, diaries, ephemera related to his honoring, few photos and an obituary. (Linguistics, Social history, Education)

Anis Sayigh Collection, 1949-2010

AUB Alumnus (BA 1953), prominent intellectual and historian. Anis Sayigh was interested to safeguard the Palestinian collective memory. He led the Palestine Research Center and was a main driving force of the Palestinian encyclopedia. The collection includes Anis’s personal documents, certificates, interviews, articles, honoring, memorial ceremonies, correspondence and photos. The collection also contains material related to Tawfiq Sayigh and his work. (Arab Historian, Awards, Arabic literature, Poetry)

Asad Jibrail Rustum Collection, 1720-2015

Asad Jibrail Rustum,1897-1965. He served at the American University of Beirut from 1927 to 1943 as professor of History and later joined the Lebanese University. Rustum was also the official historian of the Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch. Rustum’s Collection includes personal documents, correspondence, maps, photos, manuscripts, in addition to some material he compiled during his work at the Egyptian Royal Archives. (History of Lebanon, Eastern Church and Egyptian Royal Archives)

AUB 150th Oral History Collection, 2015-2016

The AUB’s 150th Anniversary Oral History Collection is a set of 20 oral history interviews conducted by Dr. Maria Abunnasr with members of the AUB community to safe keep AUB’s institutional memory. The interviews cover several decades from the 1950s to 2016, providing an overview of the life and memories of the interviewees at AUB: as students, administrators or faculty; touching upon the Lebanese civil war and its aftermath. (AUB History, Liberal Arts Education, Lebanese Civil War, Oral History)

AUB Students’ Activism Collection, 1970-1979

The 1970s witnessed a global wave of student activism, at that time many AUB students protested against policies of the Lebanese government and the University administration; many fought for better working conditions for workers, and demonstrated against University tuition increase. This collection documents various confrontations, a 100 days strike in 1971, and the university’s response to it. It includes statements and ephemera issued by the AUB administration and different student bodies. (AUB History, Student activism, Liberal Arts Education)

AUB Students’ Magazines Collection, 1899-1934

The Archives and Special Collections Department holds around 63 student magazines published between 1899 and the 1930s. Most of the magazines were handwritten and few were typed. The magazines, published in Arabic, English, French, and Armenian, dealt with a wide variety of topics including literary and artistic productions, humor, economics, travel, politics, advertisements and University affairs. (AUB History, Education, Students’ Publications, Liberal Arts Education)

AUB Yearbook Collection, 1928-present

The AUB yearbook collection of around 100 yearbooks covers dates between 1928 till present. The yearbooks document AUB Students’ vibrant life and extracurricular activities as well as AUB buildings and campus. It includes photos of students and graduates in their academic dress as well as administrative officers, faculty, and staff members. This collection is reserved in the Archives and Special Collection while the digital copies are accessible through the library digitized collections. (Campus yearbook, students, periodicals)

Bayard Dodge Collection, 1895-1972

This collection includes documents related to Bayard Dodge’s tenure at AUB, as Director of West Hall and as the third President of the University between 1923 and 1948. This collection includes documents related to his scholarship and teaching activities, as well as correspondence, letters of condolences, background research materials, and drafts of, his books Al-Azhar and Al- Fihrist (translation). (AUB History, Education, Arab American Relations, French Mandate)

Betty Anderson Oral History Collection, 2005-2006

Around 13 oral history interviews were conducted by Dr. Betty Anderson, Professor of Middle Eastern History at Boston University, as background research for Anderson’s book: The American University of Beirut: Arab Nationalism and Liberal Education (2011). The interviews focused on the interviewees’ social and educational backgrounds prior to their service to AUB, their memories of service at AUB, with a focus on the student movements during the 1960s and 70s. (AUB History, Student Activism, Civil War, Modern History of Middle East, Oral History)

Board of Trustees, 1863-present

The BOT minutes of meetings collection is around 6 linear feet covering the period 1863-present. It has both restricted minutes, released twenty-five years after the date of record creation, and the accessible minutes. These minutes cover decisions related to university's finances and budgets, elections, tuition changes, promotion and tenure, compensations and benefits, fundraising, academic affairs, alumni relations and external relations, etc. (Board of Trustees, American University of Beirut, Meetings and Minutes)

CAMES Oral History Collection, 1960s-1970s

The collection consists of 54 interviews with prominent public Arab figures to document the political, educational, social, cultural life in Lebanon and the Middle East during late 1960 and early 1970s. The interviews yielded historical information that would otherwise have gone unrecorded from prominent persons of diverse backgrounds. (Oral history, Community development, Political activists, Higher Education, Nationalism)

Constantine Zurayq Collection, 1909-2000

Arab scholar and former AUB acting president Constantine Zurayk’s collection of personal and professional addresses, lectures, correspondence, administrative, and scholarly material covers his body of work at AUB as well his time at other academic & cultural institutions (IAU, IPS, Syrian University). (AUB History, Education, Nakba)

Damascus College Collection, 1944-1957

Archie Crawford founded Damascus College in 1945. The collection of 2.6 linear feet details the history of the College. It includes official documents: charter, new campus layout, administrative and financial records, correspondence with New York Office and Near East College Association (N.E.C.A), students’ activities, staff correspondence as well as notes of the closing of the College, in June 1957. (Syria, American Education)

Daniel Bliss Collection, 1852-1916

The Collection comprises Reverend Daniel Bliss, founder and first president of the Syrian Protestant College (SPC) (1866-1902), correspondence with AUB Community and other coordinates, diaries, addresses, copy of his passport, and letters of condolences to Howard Bliss on his father’s, Daniel Bliss, death, 1916. (AUB History, American Missionaries, Education, Arab American Relations, Ottoman Period)

Edward Nickoley Collection, 1873-1937

The collection of Edward Nickoley, educator, AUB Acting President (1919-1923) and IC Acting Principal contains his correspondence with AUB community and other prominent coordinates like commander of French forces Henri Gouraud and Prince Faysal of Iraq. It also documents faculty appointments and Nickoley’s experience with famine in Syria during WWI. (AUB History, Education, Famine in Syria, Ottoman Period, French Mandate)

Edward S. Kennedy Collection, 1955-2003

Professor and scholar of Mathematics, Edward Stewart Kennedy, dedicated his work to studying the works of mathematicians and Astronomers before him; taking a special interest in Astronomers in the medieval Islamic world (i.e., al-Bīrūnī, al-Kashī). This collection includes Dr. Kennedy’s research notes, manuscript translations, and correspondence on the history of astronomy and mathematics in the Islamic World. (Mathematics, Astronomy, Islamic World)

Edwin Lewis Affair Collection, 1882

The Edwin Lewis Affair collection includes archival materials documenting the repercussions following Dr. Edwin Lewis’, professor of chemistry, geology and physics, commencement speech delivered in 1882 in which he praised Darwin’s scientific methods. This address sparked a serious discussion over the role of religion and science in education in the Arab World. This collection includes documents on Lewis, articles, petitions, reports and photos. (AUB History, American Missionaries, Darwin, Science, Religion, Education)

Fine Arts and Art History Collection, 1952-present

This collection documents the history of the Department of Fine Arts and Art History (FAAH) at AUB, first academic art department in Lebanon, since its inception in 1952. The collection includes correspondence, annual and administrative reports, syllabi, exhibitions’ related material, photographs, scrapbooks, invitations cards, etc. as well as other documents related to the work of the prominent artists that were among its founding faculty members like Maryette Charlton, George Buehr, Arthur Frick etc. (AUB History, Art History, Art Education Visual Culture)

Franklin Moore Photograph Collection, 1892-1902

The photographic collection of Franklin Moore, physician and professor of obstetrics (1891-1915) at the Syrian Protestant College, constitutes a historical record of great importance to Lebanon and the American University of Beirut at the turn of the 20th century. The bulk of the images are of the AUB campus, faculty and students; the remaining are images of sites in Lebanon: Baʻlabakk, the Cedars, and Nahr Ibrahim, as well as some parts of Syria, including Maʻlūlā and Palmyra. (AUB History, History of Photography, Visual Culture)

Genevieve Maxwell Collection, 1950-2000

Genevieve Maxwell, an American journalist and social scene columnist, who moved to Lebanon in 1953, worked at AUB and Daily star. Maxwell’s collection consists of 1000 photos and 3 linear feet of archival material that portrays the social, political, diplomatic, and cultural life in Lebanon and neighboring countries. (Women journalist, social life, skiing, higher education Lebanon)

George Edward Post Collection, 1838-1909

The George Edward Post collection, professor of surgery and botany at the Syrian Protestant College (1868-1909), includes Post’s correspondence with international botanists, manuscripts, plant lists etc. during his tenure at the Syrian Protestant College (AUB). Dr. Post established the largest and most diverse herbarium in the Middle East, still well maintained on AUB campus. (AUB History, American Missionaries, Botany)

Habib Kurani Collection, 1921-2002

The Habib Kurani Collection mainly covers the research work of AUB Professor of Education, Habib Amin Kurani, 1904-1983. The collection includes reports, articles, research papers and education courses given at AUB between the years1950 and 1983. The collection is an important source for researchers and scholars interested in the progress of the education system in the Arab World, Europe and the Far East. The material documents education in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia etc. (Education, Middle East, Arab Countries)

Habib Salim Collection, 1896-1922

Habib Salim (1876-1921), physician, born in Nusf Jbeil, Nablus, Palestine; graduated from the American University of Beirut, M.D. 1905. The collection consists of twelve registry deeds of lands mainly of the Salim, Abs, and Abou Musallem families in Nablus during the Ottoman period, 1896-1899, in addition to the Habib Salim medical diploma, death certificate and three digital photos as well as seven Arabic notebooks. The documents offer a rare and valuable glimpse into land ownership in Ottoman Palestine, specifically Nablus. (Medicine, Palestine, Land ownership, AUB Alumni)

Howard Bliss Collection, 1860-1920

The Collection of Dr. Howard Bliss, missionary educator, 2nd president of the Syrian Protestant College (1903-1920), and member of the Syrian delegation to the Paris Peace Conference, 1919, comprises Bliss correspondence with David Stuart Dodge (Chairman of the SPC BOT), Turkish officials, American Consulate, faculty members and others. (AUB History, American Missionaries, Education, Ottoman Period)

Hussam Eddine Husami Collection, 1923-1959

Dr. Hussam Eddine Khalil Husami collection (1923-1959) includes degrees, certificates, and work permits, with few photos, two of which are AUB Preparatory Department trip to Jubeil and Nahr El Kalb, in addition to two other photos of Dr. Husami on different occasions. The collection is of interest to researchers interested in Dentistry teaching at the AUB during the first half of the 20th C. (Dentistry, academic degrees)

Ibrahim Yamout Photo Collection, 1930s-1950s

The collection consists of 87 photos. It includes photos of Yamout with Anṭūn Saʻādah, founder of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP), and other comrades. Yamout (1919-2010) joined the SSNP in 1938 and graduated from the American University of Beirut with a B.A. in Business Administration in 1947. He worked at Middle East Airlines as an accountant, then chief accountant for 37 years (1847-1984). Author of articles on economics, commerce, and sociology. (Syrian Social Nationalist Party, political science, Lebanon).

Iliya Harik Collection, 1963-2006

Iliya Harik, professor of political science and Middle Eastern studies, taught at the American University of Beirut, (1958, 1995-1996, 2003), the Lebanese American University, and Indiana University. This collection contains course syllabi from various universities, a survey of the Lebanese Parliamentary elections of 1958, books and article drafts including Arab World and the Global Economic System, Who Governs Lebanon in addition to research material used by him as an educator and researcher. (AUB History, Political Science, Education)

Lamia Rustum Shehadeh Collection, 1949-2016

Lamia Rustum Shehadeh (1940-) is a Lebanese researcher, writer, and educator known for her contributions in women's right and gender studies. The collection comprises personal documents, students' papers, research materials, publications. This collection provides valuable insights into Shehadeh's career, research, advocacy, and contributions to women's issues in Lebanon and beyond. (Women, gender)

Lee Observatory Collection, 1874-1979

This collection includes historical and administrative information about the AUB Observatory, one of the oldest observatories in the region founded in 1874 by Dr. Cornelius Van Allen Van Dyck. The collection also includes logs and registries of meteorological data and astronomical observations; as well as a few publications based on research conducted at the Observatory and the University. (AUB History, History of Science, Astronomy, Education, Environment)

Lokman Meho Collection, 1985-2021

The collection of Lokman Meho, American University of Beirut (AUB) University Librarian (2009-2021; 2023-), is a combination of his work from his beginnings as a student during the late 1980s at AUB, North Carolina Central University (NCC), the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC); and later as a Professor of Library Science at SUNY, Indiana University. The collection is important to researchers in library science and research on minorities. (AUB Students, AUB Faculty, Library Science)

Malcolm Kerr Collection, 1961-1995

Malcolm Kerr (1931-1984), the ninth president of AUB, appointed in March 1982 but assassinated in January 1984. The collection includes minutes of meetings, administrative papers and documents related to AUB, its properties, staff, and students as well as AUH emergency plan. The Collection is relevant to researchers interested in AUB history and the University’s contribution to Lebanese society during the civil war. (Lebanese Civil War, American casualties, International College land)

Mansour Jurdak Collection, 1901-1964

Mansour Hanna Jurdak, alumnus and professor of mathematics and astronomy at the American University of Beirut (AUB). The Collection includes articles that address issues related to astronomy and mathematics education at SPC at the turn of the twentieth century, along with articles about his peers at AUB; and his memoirs. (AUB History, Astronomy, Mathematics)

Mary Winifred Bushakra Collection, 1938-1972

This small collection of Mary Winifred Bushakra papers, one linear foot, includes her biography, an obituary and some correspondence, 1938-1972. The letters were written to Emilie Goodale, a teacher in Newark, New Jersey, USA, detailing Winifred’s life as an American woman in Lebanon, and describing the social life of Lebanese Druze. The collection is a reliable source for scholars interested in social life and customs in Lebanon. (Social life, Druze)

Mary R. Robinson Collection, 1960-1969

First Dean of Women at the American University of Beirut (AUB), Mary R. Robinson, held office from 1960 to 1969, providing services for women students in all areas of university life. The collection is comprised of photos, memoirs, papers, correspondence, annual reports, etc. during Robinson’s time at AUB. (Women college students, student activities, women athletics)

Minutes of Faculty Meetings of the Syrian Protestant College & the American University of Beirut, 1867-1940

The Minutes of General Faculty Meetings of the Syrian Protestant College & the American University of Beirut Collection 2.7 linear feet of archival material. The collection contains 10 bound volumes of minutes for the years 1867 to1940.The minutes include discussions, financial decisions, students’ activities and societies, discipline, faculty promotion and leaves, interdepartmental relations, academic calendar, reports, etc. The material covers seventy-three years of the University history. The collection sheds light on the work of the university administration during hard and smooth days, Ottoman era, French mandate, WWI and WWII, etc. (Higher Education, Ottomans , French Mandate, WWI, WWII)

Missionaries, 1819-1945

The small collection of Missionaries documents includes a brief chronicle of the Syria mission, 1819-1909, letters and some records of the American Red Cross, Near East Relief and their humanitarian contributions during wars. It also comprises notebooks of the Beirut Book Review Club of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. (Missionaries, Syria, Red Cross)

Medical Division Faculty Minutes, 1908-1979

The Medical Division Faculty Minutes of Meetings of the Syrian Protestant College & the American University of Beirut Collection is around 8 linear feet of archival material covering the years 1908 to 1979. The minutes include discussions, decisions related to finances, tuitions, students’ scholarships, grants, as well as faculty promotion and tenure, interdepartmental relations, reports, etc. (Faculty of Medicine, American University of Beirut, Education)

Mohammad Yusuf Najm Collection, 1863-2009

A distinguished scholar, educator, literary critic, and AUB professor, Muhammad Yusuf Najm worked hard to promote the social and cultural significance of the Arabic novel, theater, and poetry for Arab societies. The collection contains some correspondence with Arab authors and scholars, as well as a few manuscripts of early, unpublished Arabic and Egyptian plays. (Arab Literature, Arab Drama)

Nabil Dajani Collection, 1965-2013

Dr. Nabil Dajani AUB alumnus (BA 1957 , MA 1960) is an emeritus professor of media studies at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon. He is a media sociologist focusing on the study of the role of media in the Arab East. The Nabil Dajani's Collection includes material related to the history of Media, laws, ethics and broadcasting as well as AUB Faculty Association. The collection is relevant to the scholars interested in the media studies and history in Lebanon and the Arab world. (Journalism, Media, Broadcasting)

Nasri Kawar Collection, 1963-2008

The collection consists of 2 linear feet of archival material that document the professional activities and research of Dr. Nasri Kawar as a researcher and Professor of Entomology at AUB, 1963-2008. He was well known for his study of the insect attacking Cedars of Lebanon. The collection also includes research his on water pollution with pesticides and insecticides taxonomy as well as recycling projects in Lebanon and Jordan etc. (Entomology, pollution, recycling, Cedars)

Nasri Khattar Collection, 1932-2008

Nasri Khattar (1910-1998) was an AUB Alumnus (BBA 1930) and a Lebanese architect-typographer. The Nasri Khattar collection, 13 linear feet, includes Nasri Khattar’s bibliographic information, academic and scholarly work, and a life’s work in engineering and architecture; it also includes his pioneering designs, most notably of which was his ambitious initiative to design a Unified Arabic Font. Also, included in the collection is his personal and business correspondence with Remington Rand Inc., IBM, Aramco and other business associates. This collection is an invaluable source of information for scholars interested in architecture, anthropology, design, education, typography, and visual culture. (Unified Arabic Alphabet, Arabic type, Typographers, Fonts, Architecture)

Nassib Habib Hammam Collection 1920s, 1960s

This small collection of Nassib Habib Hammam (MD 1932), contains 21 photographs, some correspondence and minutes of meetings of the AUB Alumni Association Tripoli Branch during the presidency of Dr. Hammam from 1960 to 1964. (Students, AUB Alumni Association- North Lebanon Chapter, AUB History)

Near East College Association Collection, 1920-1947

Near East College Association (NECA) planning began with Cleveland H. Dodge in 1919 and was incorporated in New York, in 1927. The collection includes management related correspondence exchanged between NECA Director, Albert W. Staub, AUB President, Bayard Dodge, & Acting President, George B. Stewart. Also included are NECA’s publications comprising Near East College Association news-letter, Near East Service quarterly. NECA institutions were spread in Greece, Turkey, Lebanon (Syria) and Bulgaria. (American Educational institutions, Higher Education, Middle East, Europe)

Nikula Shahin Collection, 1920-1984

Nikula Shahin (BA 1918, MA 1920) occupied several positions at AUB as instructor of Arabic and Physics, 1918-1919 then 1945 to 1966. Shahin also served as the Assistant to the Director of the Lee Observatory later known as the Lee-Shahin Observatory. This small collection compromises Nikula’s biographical information, interviews, articles and publications by or compiled by him with four photos. It is an invaluable source for meteorologists, scholars interested in climate change, rainfall and geographic studies. (Meteorology, Seismology, Lee Observatory)

Philip Hitti Collection, 1910-1976

Philip Khoury Hitti was a historian, scholar of Islam, and a member of the AUB Board of Trustees (1945-1978). He taught at AUB, Columbia and Princeton Universities. The collection includes Hitti's biographical information, addresses, correspondence, invitation cards, honoring and memorial ceremonies, as well as a bibliography of his work, and research material used by him. (Middle Eastern Studies, History, Higher Education)

Pierre Azoury Collection, 1912-2014

Pierre H. Azoury (1930-2014), AUB Professor of mechanical engineering, was best known for his music as a composer, pianist and teacher. The collection consists of personal documents, awards, correspondence, courses, photos, postcards and posters as well as music sheets, cassette tapes and recordings of Azoury’s various symphonies. (Composer and Musician, Pianist, Mechanical Engineering)

Raja Iliya Collection, 1973-2017

Raja Iliya (1926-2020) Professor of civil engineering at the American University of Beirut. His small collection consists of his projects especially on Lebanese churches and Beirut port Silo. The collection is relevant for researchers or students interested in the history civil engineering teaching in Lebanon. (Civil engineering, Education)

Ras Beirut Oral History Collection, 2013-2014

The collection consists of 63 interviews with a group of Ras Beirutis, from different educational backgrounds and social statuses all known as the ‘original’ families of Ras Beirut. Open-ended interviews were conducted by Dr. Maria Abunnasr supported by Dr. Cynthia Minty, and Diana Richani, in the summer of 2014. The participants list includes men and women over the age of seventy; individuals of this age group would have entered adulthood before the Lebanese Civil War and lived in Ras Beirut during its heyday. (Oral history, Memory, social aspects, sociology, cultural interaction, Ras Beirut, Urbanism)

Rida Kibrit Collection, 1953-2006

Rida Kibrit (1930-2022) Lebanese director, writer and actor. He played an important role in the Lebanese theater and the Syndicate of Workers and Employees of the American University of Beirut. The collection contains plays by Kibrit and other authors, documents related to AUB Syndicate, as well as personal and professional photos of Kibrit and his contemporaries. This is an important resource for researchers interested in Lebanese theater and Syndicate work. (Lebanese theatre, Syndicate of Workers, AUB)

Rose Ewald Photograph Collection, 1929-1931

Rose Ewald (1884-1960), an American social activist, was associated with Near East Relief for a long period. The small collection consists of 78 black and white photographs and 48 negatives; many are related to the American University of Beirut and some to Robert College of Istanbul. The collection is of value to researchers interested in history of AUB and the American education in the region. (AUB history, American Missionaries)

Robert Black Photo Album, 1935-1937

The Robert Black photo album includes 289 black and white photographs of events and sceneries from Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Palestine, Syria as well as Turkey between 1935 and 1937. In addition to six Christmas cards of Leavitt family in 1937. (Description and travel, student activities, photograph album)

Salvador Arnita Collection, 1952-1980

Salvador Arnita, a Palestinian composer and organist, (1915-1985) worked at AUB, 1949-1980, as Professor of Music and was a pillar of the Beirut musical scene. His Collection of 2.6 linear feet includes musical notes and partitions which he used in his teaching and concerts, and most importantly are his own musical compositions. (AUIB Faculty, Musicians, Oriental Music)

Sarrafian Brothers Postcard Collection, 1900–1935

The Sarrafian Brothers Postcard Collection of 56 sepia, b & w, and color postcards, mostly published by Sarrafian Studio, established in Beirut 1895. The collection depicts general campus views and shots of 19th C buildings of the American University of Beirut, taken between 1900 and 1930. The collection is of value to researchers interested in urban planning, history of education in the region, and AUB history. (Higher education, AUB history, Architecture)

Saul Rosenberg Collection, 1932-1978

Saul Rosenberg, a young American man, studied medicine at the American University of Beirut during the 1930s (1934-1939) to return to the States and finish his specialty as a dermatologist. His collection comprises, 1.6 linear feet, of photographs with few personal items. His photograph collection, 1,512 photos, mainly consists of three photo albums that form a photo diary of his life as a dynamic medical student in Lebanon. The collection is significant to researchers interested in medical education, social culture, and tourism during the 1930s. (Medical education, Tourism, Middle East, Europe)

School of Dentistry, 1910-1914

Introduced in 1910, as the first dental school in the Near East region, AUB’s Department of Dentistry started with only Dr. Arthur Dray and Dr. Amin Haddad. The collection includes copies of articles about the school as featured in AUB publications, discussing the school's history between 1910 and 1914. (Dentistry, Teaching)

School of Pharmacy, 1871-1978

The School of Pharmacy was a part of the School of Medicine that was established in 1871. During the civil war, this school faced some financial issues that lead to its closure in 1978. Some of its most famous professors are Dr. Amin Farid Haddad, Rudolph Johannes Pauly, Triantorphyllo Constantine Ladakis, Walter Adam Booth, & Charles Abou-Chaar. (Pharmacy, Teaching)

Stephen Penrose Collection, 1948-1954

This collection includes documents related to Stephen Penrose service at AUB, as the fourth president between 1948 and 1954, list of his publications, biographical information, personal correspondence, inauguration ceremony leaflets, financial campaign, conferences, United States tour, political articles and addresses, etc. in addition to information about his memorial fund. (AUB History, Presidents, Education, Arab American Relations)

Students Projects Collection, 1920s

The Collection consists of 50 photographs and 113 postcards of AUB bursary Students. It depicts views of their hometowns, daily life, as well as archeological and touristic sites throughout Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, and Sudan in the 1920s. (AUB, Bursary students, International Students, Description and travel)

Sulayman Abu ʻIzz al-Din Collection, 1920s-1930s

Renowned Lebanese Druze scholar Sulayman Abu ʻIzz al-Din, 1871-1933, was a researcher and avid collector who accumulated several primary source collections that document Lebanese history as early as the 17th C. This collection comprises Abu Izz al-Din genealogical research on Druze families (i.e.: AnthonyShadid, Jumblatt) and notable figures of the Druze society (i.e. Judges, Sheikhs, municipality members) in the Levant. It is a rare selection of genealogical information on this sect. (Levant History, Genealogy, Druze).

Syrian Protestant College Album, 1907-1913

The photo album of 77 photographs documents various extracurricular activities and events related to the Syrian Protestant College between the years 1907-1913. Images depict athletes during practices and games sports, plays by students, and important visitors to the College. Also included are some photos of buildings and portraits of Daniel and Howard Bliss. (SPC history, extracurricular activities, SPC Students)

William A. West Collection, 1941-1962

Born in Beirut in 1894, Professor William West spent his entire teaching career at AUB, retiring in 1959 as head of the Department of Chemistry. This archival collection contains around 165 personal letters, photos, 1 poem and 2 postcards. The letters, written by William West, between 1941 and 1946 to his family, give a glimpse onto the living conditions of an American professor at AUB during this critical period and constitute a treasure trove for historians and social scientists interested in WWII scene in the Middle East. (AUB Faculty, WWII, Middle East)

Zeine Nour-Ed-Dine Zeine Collection, 1834-1996

Zeine Nour-Ed-Dine Zeine (1908-1996), historian, alumnus (BA, 1929; MA, 1945), & Professor at the American University of Beirut (AUB) (1930-1974). The Zeine Nour-Ed-Dine Zeine collection contains biographical information, addresses, articles, press clippings, correspondence, honoring, and memorial ceremonies, in addition to material related to his work on the history of the Middle East, Europe, and Ottoman Empire. (Middle East History, Ottoman Empire)

Zouhair Kronfol Collection, 1970s-1980s

This small collection of Zouhair Kronfol, AUB alumnus and international law consultant, contains articles, books, and lectures by him throughout his career; from representing Lebanon in the third United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea in 1973 to his time as an International Legal Counsel for several Kuwaiti Banks until his retirement in 2015. (Banking, law)
Special Collections

Abdallah El-Yafi Collection, 1900s-1980s

This collection of around two thousands photos documents the official, political and social activities of Prime Minister Abdallah el Yafi during his tenure as Lebanese Prime Minister as well as Parliament Deputy. It documents the Lebanese political scene for several decades along with Lebanese regional and international relations. (Lebanon, History, Middle East, Political Science)

Abd al-Salam Shatila Photograph Collection, 1934-1974

The small photographic collection comprises 35 photographs dating from 1934 to 1974. The collection documents the life and the cultural, social and philanthropic activities of Dr. ʻAbd al-Salam Shatila, graduate of AUB School of Dentistry 1938, as a member of the Municipal Council of the City of Beirut and of other social associations. (Dentistry, academic degrees)

Aida Kanafani-Zahar Photograph Collection, 1977-1998

Aida Kanafani-Zahar (1952-) an anthropologist and director of research, at the Centre National de la Recherché Scientifique, Laboratoire d’Anthripology Sociale at the College de France, The collection taken between 1978 and 1998, is mainly about Lebanon, Syria and United Arab Emirates. The photos feature houses, women’s clothes and ornaments, traditional professions, muneh and Ka’ak making, in addition to homemade pastries preparation. (Middle East, sociology, anthropology, and food culture)

Al-Amiliyah Islamic Charitable Association Album, 1947-1967

Al-Amiliyah Islamic Charitable Association Album consist of 8 photographic prints depicts the schools’ buildings of the Association between 1947 and 1967. The buildings featured are the French and English branches, al-Waqf al-Amili, and Al-Safa Mosque. The collection is a reliable research source for scholars interested in architecture, and the history of education in Lebanon. (Nonprofit organizations, Schools, Education, Buildings)

Al-Amir Shakib Arslan Collection, 1894-1946

Shakib Arslan, a Lebanese politician and diplomat, poet, and prolific writer, who rallied for Arab Independence from the French and British Mandates. His collection of correspondence and photos spans the years 1936 to 1948; including many letters exchanged between Arslan and his friend and publisher, Mohammad Ali al-Tahir (editor of ālshura, ālshabāb). (French Mandate, Levant, Modern Intellectual History, Political Science, Middle East)

Al-Sahli Family Collection, 1841-1947

The collection consists of legal, financial, real estate and land related administrative papers pertaining to the Sahli family, from 1841 to 1947, in the town of Haifa during the Ottoman Era. The bulk of the papers and legal documents were issued or belonged to the heirs of Abd al-Rahman al-Sahli, Salih al-Sahli & Abdallah al-Sahli. (Human Geography, Ottoman Studies, Palestine, Islamic Law)

Anthony Shadid Collection, 1904-2012

Anthony Shadid was a reporter and New York Times Director of Baghdad and Lebanon Bureau. The bulk of the collection consists of reporting fieldwork notebooks, emails, drafts and outlines of articles, transcribed interviews, book manuscripts, historical research documents, briefings, correspondence, photos, leaflets, CDs, in addition to a book collection form the Anthony Shadid’s library. (Journalism, Middle East, US-Arab Relations)

Antoun Saadeh Collection, 1912-1949

The collection of Antoun Saadeh, founder of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP), consists of 349 black and white photographs (1938-1949) and correspondence penned by him while in South America to his comrades William Bahlis, Jurj Bunduqii , Wadih Abd al-Masih, and Ilyas Fakhuri, and family: bother Edward and wife Julliet al Mir (1939-1947). (Syrian Social Nationalist Party, political science, Lebanon).

Antoura Orphanage Photograph Album, 1915-1918

The photo album of 29 photographic prints depicts scenes of the daily life, workshops, sports, kitchen, classrooms, refectory, and bedrooms of the orphans of the Armenian Genocide at Antoura Orphanage, Lebanon, between 1915 and 1918. This small collection is relevant to researchers interested in the Armenian Genocide, children refugees in Lebanon and the relief efforts of the Syrian Protestant College (SPC) during World War I. (World War I, Orphanages Lebanon, Armenians)

Arab Cinema Photograph Collection, 1942-2008

The Arab Cinema Photograph Collection and is comprised of 1,366 photographs. These photographs represent films produced between 1942 and 2008, with the bulk between 1970s and 2000s for Egypt, 1960s for Lebanon, and 1970s for Syria. The collection is relevant to researchers interested in the history of Arab cinema as well as the history of photography in Arabic films during the 20th century. (Motion pictures, Arab countries, Cinema)

Arab National Hospital Photo Album, [1948]

The Arab National Hospital, in Beit Jala, Bethlehem area, was founded in 1948 by passionate doctors trying to serve Palestinian people who were driven out of their homeland during the Nakbah. The 23 black and white photos portray the hospital medical team during his morning rounds in men and women wards, examining X-rays and operating on patients etc. (Medicine, Palestine, Hospital staff)

Art Poster Collection, 1966-2000

The collection of 177 posters were donated to the Archives following the “Exhibition on Art Posters in Lebanon” organized by AUB Art Center and held at the Lee Observatory, AUB, in March 2001. Although the posters announce, mainly, individual painting and sculpture exhibitions, the collection includes group and theme art exhibits, plays and musical recitals, movies, conferences and environmental awareness posters. (Art, Posters, Middle East)

Asia Minor Photograph Collection, 1884-1887

This small archeological photograph collection (1884-1887) comprises 120 albumen prints photographs of landmarks in Cappadocia, Lycaonia, Phrygia, Midas, Ayazin and Aleppo. Sites are the ancient acropolis of Afion Hissar in Sepia, the village of Kumbet in Phrygia, the tomb of Midas, the gate of the castle of Aleppo, and others. The collection is a reliable research source for scholars interested in the inscriptions, monuments, and historical geography of Asia Minor region. (Asia Minor, Turkey, Cappadocia, Antiquities, Archeology)

Blatchford Traditional Cloth and Clothing Collection, 1938-1940

This small collection consists of vintage costumes and colorful textiles, one postcard and two photographs from the J. Heyman Studio. (vintage costumes, cloth, and clothing)

Cesar Nasr Collection, 1950-2013

This collection of Cesar Nasr, the founder of the Lebanese Ministry of Environment (MOE) and its Minister from 1980 to 1982, includes many of his published books, correspondence with prominent figures and documents related to his research and his accomplishments in the field of environment and nature conservation. (Environment, Lebanon, Nature Conservation, Psychology, Adolescent, Social psychology)

Donald L. Van Handel Collection, 1976-1982

The collection includes 200 editorial caricatures published in the “Arab News" by Mahmoud Kahil; as well as art and political posters dated between 1979 and 1981 on Palestine, human rights, AUB events, arts, etc.… (Politics, art, Lebanese civil war, Middle East, Africa)

Downtown Beirut Photo Collection, 2011

This collection of photos of Downtown Beirut portrays a part of Beirut’s story in the words of the city’s own Pied Piper, Ronnie Chatah, creator of the popular Walk Beirut historical tour of the city. The tour itinerary usually covers, but is not limited to, the Banyan Tree outside the AUB Medical Gate at Bliss Street & Martyrs’ Square. (Beirut Central District, Walking Tours, Marytrs’ Square)

Eadweard Muybridge Collection, 1887

The Animal Locomotion study contains 781 photographs of males and females performing common actions, often nude; physically deformed males and females from the Philadelphia Hospital and a variety of animal species from the Philadelphia Zoo. The Eadweard Muybridge Collection documents Muybridge photographic career and the contributions he made to motion pictures. This collection is of great interest to artists, anatomists, physiologists, photographers, and athletes. (Human locomotion, Animal locomotion, History of photography)

Egyptian Cinema and Theater Photo Collection, 1913-1960

The Egyptian Cinema and Theater Photo Collection consists of 20 albums, 744 black and white photos, of Egyptian films and plays performed between 1913 and 1960. The collection also contains press clippings, 36 cover page gifts from al-Kawakeb Magazine, copies of 20 signatures of prominent Egyptian actors. The collection is relevant to researchers interested in the history of Egyptian cinema and theater during the 20th century. (Egypt, Motion pictures, theater)

Emily Fares Ibrahim Collection, 1949-2013

Emily Fares Ibrahim, 1914-2011, was a Lebanese writer, poet, and feminist. She was the first woman to run for the parliamentary elections in Lebanon and was a notable face of the Lebanese Social Movement. She headed the National Mobilization Committee, established in 1982, as well as the National Council of women. The Collection consists of photos, correspondence and audiovisuals etc. and is important for researchers interested in gender studies and women both in politics and social work. (Gender studies; Lebanese women in politics; women's liberation movement)

Etel Adnan Collection, 1973-2023

Lebanese American Etel Adnan was an author, poet, abstract painter & visual artist. Her collection of journals, calendars, manuscripts, and correspondence spans decades (1980s-2010) and continents (US, Europe, Africa, Asia). (Artists, Lebanon, Feminism)

Evelyne Bustros Collection, 1878-1971

The collection gives a glimpse into the life of Mrs. Evelyne Bustros, an upper middle class Lebanese family. It also provides a valuable angle onto the political scene in Lebanon during the Mandate period, independence and the formation of the State, as well as onto the socio-political position of women in Lebanese society during this period. The collection includes correspondence, photographs, clippings, accounting books; published material, as well as some ephemera. (Gender Studies, Socio-economic and political history of modern Lebanon, Middle Eastern Studies, French Mandate, Independence.)

E.W. Blatchford Photograph Collection, 1880-1900

Named after the collector, the Blatchford collection is an important set of around eight hundred photographs covering various regions and countries (Europe, Levant and North Africa), ca. 1880 to 1900. The collection features samples from various important photographers in the Middle East, e.g. Bonfils, Zangaki, Sarrafian Bros., Jean Pascal Sébah, A. Beato and Abdallah Freres, etc. (History of Photography, Visual Culture, archaeology, anthropology, cultural studies)

Flowers of the Holy Land Photo Album, 1900s

This album, Flowers of the Holy Land, Jerusalem, consists of 12 black and white photos depicting landmarks of Palestine at the turn of the 20th century along with 12 arrangements of pressed flower specimens of the Holy Land, identified in German, English, French. (Palestine, Description & Travel)

Fouad Khoury Postcard Collection, 1920-1980

The collection of Fouad Khoury (1952-), a Lebanese architect, is primarily composed of 23 black-and-white photographic postcards, published under the title البيت اللبناني . It covers the exteriors of various Lebanese homes and mansions in Beirut, Biqa’, Mount and North Lebanon. It is relevant to researchers interested in urban landscape and Lebanese heritage. (Lebanese Architecture, urban planning, Lebanese heritage).

Frances Copeland Stickles Photo Collection, 1880-1900

A small collection of 10 albumin print photos taken in the late 19th century, featuring historical locations in the Middle East (Cedars, Lebanon, Palmyra, Syria, Palestine and Constantinople, Turkey, etc.). Two photos are by Bonfils Studio, one by Dumas and one by Sebah & Joaillier.

George Cyr Costume Collection, 1930

Georges Cyr (1881-1964) was a true pioneer of modern art. He taught painting and the history of art, wrote numerous essays, and lectured on the subject. This small collection consists of seven reproductions of watercolors which are important records of ethnic communities in Lebanon and Syria in the 1930s. (Lebanese costumes, Syrian costumes)

Ghandour Fathallah El-Sheikh Collection, 1900-2010

The Ghandour Fathallah El-Sheikh Collection comprises 154, low-resolution digital copies of photos, and 2.3 linear feet of unique documents relating to the family and its ancestries, the League (Rabitah) and its activities, as well as documents of individuals that played important roles both in public and professional levels. The collection depicts the life of a Muslim Sunni Beiruti family during the 20th century, family genealogy, achievements, social life, and ceremonies, etc. (Anthropology, sociology, social economics).

Hagop Kazazian Art Poster Collection, 1977-2014

Kazazian’s personal collection of multilingual exhibition posters covers several topics including art, music, paintings, and architecture based in Lebanon between 1977 and 2014. (Art, Lebanon, Exhibitions)

Henrietta Butler Smith Collection, 1827-1995

This collection includes correspondence of the family of Mrs. Henrietta "Hetty" Butler Smith, wife of missionary Reverend Eli Smith. It contains letters by Mrs. Smith to her two sons, Edward “Ned” Robinson Smith (artist), and Benjamin Eli Smith (editor of the Century Dictionary). These letters shed light on the life of American Missionaries in the Middle East, Europe and the United States during late 19th century early 20th century. (Gender Studies, American Missionaries, Socio-economic history)

Imperial War Museum Photo Albums: First World War and Second World War, 1916-1919; 1941-1944

Photo albums from the Imperial War Museum (1916-1919; 1941-1944) documenting the last year of the Ottoman Empire of World War I, the British Mandate, and World War II periods. The images depict Palestine (the West Bank and Gaza Strip), Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, and Egypt. There is also some coverage of the Gulf including Mecca (Saudi Arabia) and Kuwait. Pictures portray religious ceremonies, daily life, arts and crafts, archaeological sites, landscape, demonstrations and conflicts, political leaders, and prominent personalities. (Photos, World War I, World War II)

Isa Iskandar al-Maʻluf Catalog Collection, 1888-1988

The collection contains books and imprints catalogs from libraries and publishing houses in MENA Region, Europe, India, and the United States between 1888 and 1988. (Imprints Catalogs, Publishing & Publishers)

'Isa Iskandar al-Maʻluf Photograph Collection, 1890s-1950s

Isa Iskandar al Maʻluf was a Lebanese journalist, scholar, historian and a member of the Arab Nahda. The collection contains around 900 photographs related to Isa’s family, his relatives, and acquaintances in Lebanon and diaspora mainly Latin America. The collection originates from early Lebanese studios like Assad Dakouny; Fakhoury; Photo Khatchadour; Assad K. Murhij and Khalil Chahine Malouf etc. (History of Photography Lebanon, Visual Culture, Lebanese Diaspora, Social life and customs Lebanon)

‘Isa Iskandar al-Maʻluf Postcard Collection, [1900-1940]

Isa Iskandar al Maʻluf (1869-1956) Lebanese journalist, scholar, historian, and a member of the Arab Nahda. The collection consists of 885 postcards collected by Maʻlūf during the first half of the 20th century. The collection depicts scenes from various countries around the world. The postcards include views that show tourist attractions such as archaeological sites, geographic features, landmarks, traditional houses, etc. (Tourism, architecture, archaeology)

Ishak Ibrahim Tannous Collection, 1908-1940

This small collection consists of 53 handwritten letters and two photos. The personal and financial letters were sent by various Lebanese immigrants from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and the USA to their families in Lebanon through the reliable Mr. Tannous, who played financial mediator between the immigrants and their families. (Lebanese Diaspora, social economics, Emigration and immigration)

Israeli Occupation of Lebanon Photograph Collection, 1982-1986

This collection of 23 photos documents the period of Israeli invasion to Lebanon, with all the destruction, killing, assaults and captivating acts executed by Israeli soldiers; and in return portrays people’s resistance and refusal to surrender. (Israeli Invasion, South Lebanon)

Jamil Hamoudi Collection, 1917-2012

Jamil Hamoudi was an Iraqi artist, art critic, (1924 - 2003) and a leading figure in Iraq’s modern art movement. Hamoudi was a pioneer in using Arabic calligraphy in art, a founding member of the al Hurufiyah movement, a founding editor of several art magazines, and the owner of several art galleries in Paris, London and Baghdad. The collection, 20 linear feet, is a rare record of the cultural exchange between the Arab World and the West, 1940s - 1980s. (Arab Art, Iraqi Art, Exhibitions, Hurufiyyah, Calligraphy)

Jan Just Witkam Postcard Collection, 1925-1927

The small collection of 27 photomechanical postcards, depict different cities and towns in Lebanon like Beirut, Aintoura, Araya, Brummana, Baalbek, and Zahlé. French soldier Yves Savidan, stationed in Rayak, Lebanon, in the 1920s mailed them to his family. Publishers of these postcards included Sarrafian Bros. (17), André Terzis & Fils, Beyrouth-Jerusalem (4), Librairie Stamboul L. Férid (3) etc. (French Mandate, correspondence, description and Travel)

Jirji Zaydan Collection, 1900-1938

The collection includes Jirji Zaydan’s correspondence, notebooks, manuscripts and English translation of his Novel “the Virgin of Koreish. Zaydan was a Lebanese author, novelist, editor, and publisher. Born in Beirut, joined the Syrian Protestant College Medical School for a few years to leave it in 1882 following the Edwin Lewis issue. Zaydan moved to Cairo where he established “Dar al Hilal" publishing house in 1892. (Intellectual History, Publishing, Newspapers)

Joseph and Joyce Stein Photograph Collection, 1896-1930

The Joseph and Joyce Stein Photograph Collection, 36 prints and an album of 53 negatives, portrays the daily life in cities and towns, as well as several archeological sites in Lebanon between 1896-1930. The collection covers different localities in Lebanon : Cedars, Adonis, Afqa, Raouché, Choueifat etc. The collection also depicts the American University of Beirut buildings and grounds as well as students’ extracurricular activities during the early 20th century. (American University of Beirut, Lebanon, Archeology)

Jumana Medlej Postcard Collection, 1960s-2000s

The collection of 598 postcards was received by Antoine Jazzar from friends and family between the 1960s and 2000s. They cover landmarks and archaeological sites of Arab and foreign countries (Tourism, Middle East, Europe, United States)

Karanis-Fayum Excavations Photo Album, 1924-1935

The Karanis-Fayum Excavations Photo Album, 1924-1935, contains 98 black and white photos that reveal archaeological sites at Karanis-Fayum, University of Michigan Expedition members in group and individual photos, village homes and local workers in addition to a camp house at Kom Aushim (Karanis). (Egypt, Karanis, Roman antiquities, Excavations, Archaeology)

Khalil Sukkar Collection, 1885-1965

The small collection of Khalil Sukkar, member of the Jordanian Parliament during the 20th C, includes identity and invitation cards, correspondence, addresses of King Abdallah of Jordan, as well as letters of May Ziadeh’s, and few photos. (Jordan, Politics, Government)

Kongstad and Khalaf Collection, 1950-1967

Researchers per Kongstad and Samir Khalaf, joined forces to investigate the urban development of several neighborhoods in Beirut, mainly Hamra District between 1964 and 1967. They published the results of their research in a book titled "Hamra of Beirut – A case of Rapid Urbanization," 1973. This collection includes photographs, slides, maps, negatives, postcards, and notebooks compiled for the survey and the book. (Beirut, Urban development, description and travel, Architecture)

Lebanese Ministry of Tourism Poster Collection, 2011

This collection of 58 posters was published by the Ministry of Tourism to promote Lebanon’s touristic sites & cuisine. The first series features photos of Lebanese cities across all governances; and the second series highlights the local food and delicacies. The work of many Lebanese photographers is featured including Tony Hage, Kamel Jabber, Fares Jammal, Alfred Moussa, Fulvio Roiter, Clément Tannouri, Ayman Trawi, and Armenak Yéténékian. (Lebanon, Tourism, Lebanese Cuisine)

Lebanese Poster Collection, 1979-2019

A collection of 170 posters from the Lebanon, Palestine, Syria & Yemen, the collection mostly covers a variety of topics ranging from the Lebanese Army to various Lebanese political parties, the Lebanese resistance; and some art activities. The collection is mostly in Arabic. (Political science, Media studies, Art)

Lebanon Tourism Photo Collection, 1969

Lebanon Tourism Photo collection is a small collection of 17 historical images of Lebanon, 1969. The images depict famous archeological sites and places across the country from Beirut to the South, the North, Beqaa and Mount Lebanon. These photos were taken by famous photographers such Fattal, Manoug, Magnin, Varougan and Yetenegian. (Description and travel, archaeology, Lebanon)

Levant Political Poster Collection, 1975-2010

Levant Political Posters collection addresses issues and topics related to political parties in three countries in the Arab region: Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria. It includes posters designed to commemorate special occasions, and to keep alive slogans / statements by political leaders associated with these countries and parties. (Political science, Media studies, History)

Lutfi Lutfi Poster Collection, 2000s

Lutfi Lutfi is a Syrian scholar in the history of architecture, film and television director, and light artist. This small collection consists of 10 posters on cities and towns, khans, coins, architecture, social life and costumes of Bilad Al-Sham of documentary films written and directed by Lutfi Fouad Lutfi. (Syria, Architecture, Antiquities)

May Ziadeh Folder, 1920s-1930s

May Ziadeh (1886-1941) a Lebanese–Palestinian poet and writer. The Archives holds 4 original letters for May Ziadeh, magazine articles, a pamphlet and some addresses. May was frequently invited to the American University of Beirut where she delivered four speeches. The first lecture she delivered at AUB was in December 1922 while her last visit was on December 20, 1938 to speak about the “The strength and weakness in our spiritual life”. (May Ziadeh, Arab feminists, Correspondence)

Middle East Photo Album, 1933-1943

The Middle East Photo Album, of 86 black and white photos, portrays the daily life of Bedouins in the Middle East as well as archeological and touristic sites in Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria during the 1930s and 1940s. It is important for researchers interested in social life and culture of Arab Bedouins at that time. (Bedouins, Anthropology, Sociology, Middle East)

Middle East Photograph Collection, 1927-1950

This photograph collection comprises 128 black and white photos and 4 postcards. Photos were taken in Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Yemen, 1945-1950. The photographs depict daily life in Beirut, Sidon, Damascus, Jerusalem, and Aleppo. Work of several American Photographers is featured in this collection such as Lisa Larsen, Gifford Doxsee, Allan Snyder, Leslie Leavitt, Tedford Lewis, and Robert Mulky as well as the work of the Lebanese photographer Sami Halaby. (Middle East, Lebanon, Syria)

Milton Glaser Poster Collection, 1967-2017

Milton Glaser (b.1929-) is a renowned American creative graphic designer. Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum lifetime achievement award (2004), the National Medal of the Arts award (2009), and the Fulbright Association (2011) are among awards he received. The famous (I ♥ NY) logo boosted international recognition he earned. His designed posters discuss politics in America, arts and musical events. (Graphic design, Art, Media studies)

Nahr Ibrahim Photo Collection

This small photographic collection comprises 27 black and white photos of Mount Lebanon landscape, particularly Afqa Valley, caves, Roman Temple and waterfall. It is, one of the finest waterfalls in the Middle East that feeds into Nahr Ibrahim, in addition to the splendid wild nature of Jannet Chouwen valley with its diverse plantation. (Ibrahim River, Afqa, Janneh, landscape photography)

Najib Hawawini’s Calligraphy Collection, 1927-1929

A collection of 80 plus Arabic language calligraphy plates by Najib Hawawini. (Calligraphers, Calligraphy, Arabic)

OSPAAAL Poster Collection, 1960s-1980s

This collection includes 39 posters published between the 1960s and the 1980s issued by the Organization of Solidarity with the People of Africa, Asia, and Latin America (OSPAAAL). OSPAAAL is a non-governmental organization founded in 1966 during the Tri-continental conference in Havana, Cuba, attended by delegations of leftist countries from 82 Asian, Latin American, and African countries, for fighting globalization, imperialism, neoliberalism and defending human rights. (Media Studies, Political Science, History)

Palestine Archaeological Museum Photo Album, 1910-1976

The Palestine Archaeological Museum photo collection (1910-1976), 29 albumen photographic print and 2 postcards, documents the landmarks in Qumran, Palestine. The collection is relevant to researchers interested in archaeology of the Middle East and specifically Palestine. (Palestine, Excavations, Archaeology, Qumran Site, West Bank, Dead Sea scrolls)

Political Poster Collection, 1960-1980s

The political posters collection gathered from the walls of AUB Campus covers two main topics: The Palestinian Question in addition to Lebanon and the Lebanese Civil War. These posters were collected between 1960 and the 1980s. They reflect activities, vision and mission of the different Right and Left Lebanese and Palestinian Parties that were active on the Lebanese territory during these twenty years. (Political Science, History, Posters, Middle East)

Port of Beirut Photographic Slides, 1994

The Port of Beirut is the main port in Lebanon; It is one of the largest ports on the Eastern Mediterranean. The collection consists of 19 slides on Port of Beirut prepared by AUB medical students for a project. (Port of Beirut, Silos, Warehouse, Employees)

Qadri Qal’aji Collection, 1937-1991

Qadri Qalʻaji (1917-1986), was a Syrian journalist, historian, and translator who translated the masterpieces of world literature into Arabic. The collection contains correspondence to Qadrī Qalʻaji, articles by him, as well as his photos with prominent Arab personalities. (Journalism, Politics, Syria, Literature)

Qatar Petroleum Company Photograph Collection, 1950s-1960s

This small collection consists of 41 black and white photographs by Qatar Petroleum Company (Q.P.C.) Photographic and Printing Department and a tourist's guide by The Ministry of Information. The collection chiefly depicts the life in Qatar between the 1950s and 1960s. There are photos of Zubarah, Um Salal, Qatar airport, Abdullah bin Thani Mosque and others.(Archaeological ruins, Architecture in Doha, Public infrastructure facilities at Doha)

Rashad Ali Bibi Collection, 1927-1984

Rashad Bibi (1919-1991), a writer, radio and television journalist, started as editor-in-chief of aṣ-Ṣirāṭ al-Mustaqīm, a newspaper in Palestine. His transition to radio, started at the Near East Radio Station in Palestine before going on to produce programs for London, Amman, and Kuwait radio stations and Télé Liban. The collection comprises documents and photos that reflect different stages and achievements of the author’s personal, social, and professional life. (Near East Broadcasting Station, Radio programs, Television programs – Lebanon)

Richard Sterling Finnie Photograph Collection, 1951

The Richard Sterling Finnie Photograph Collection includes 52 black and white photographs taken by Finnie (1906-1987) in Lebanon and Syria in 1951. Finnie was a documentary filmmaker and photographer who took special interest in keeping memories of individuals, sounds and places, during his visit to these two countries. (Photography, rural life, Lebanese Architecture, Historical sites)

The Trans-Arabian Pipeline Company, 1949-1983

The Trans-Arabian Pipeline Company (TAPLINE-Makkinje) was a subsidiary of the Arabian American Oil Company (Aramco). The project / pipeline started in Saudi Arabia to end in Zahrani terminal south of Sidon, Lebanon. The pipeline transferred the Saudi oil to Europe through the Zahrani terminal. The Collection includes correspondence, maps, photographs, faxes and receipts, reports; plans of the Sidon Terminal; photographs of workers, tankers, landscape, oil pipelines, and ships. (Economics, History, Middle East, Oil, US-Arab Relations)

Three American Sisters Photo Album, ca. 1900s

The album, 120 photos, taken in Lebanon by three American sisters during the Ottoman time portrays the life in the Middle East at the turn of the 20th C. Photos show the protocol of receptions, local peasantry, entertainment and horseracing, village architecture, military processions and bands, as well as sites in Baalbeck, Beirut and Beiteddine. The collection is important to researchers interested in the history and travels to the Lebanon during the Ottoman Era. (Lebanon, Ottoman Empire, Description and travel)

Traditional Lebanese Costume Collection, 1960s

The collection consists of 6 black and white sketches of traditional Lebanese costumes. (Traditional Costumes, Ministry of Tourism, Lebanon)

Travel and Tourism Ephemera Collection, 1942-2013

The collection includes tourism fliers, brochures, maps and travel guides that mainly focus on Lebanon. Few items depict Syria while some items that cover the Middle East in general. A large part of the collection consists of pamphlets for specific sights or towns issued by the Ministry of Tourism of Lebanon between 1942-2013. The collection is important to researchers interested in tourism in Lebanon and Middle East (Tourism, Lebanon)

Waddah Faris Collection, 1966-2007

Waddah Faris is an Iraqi designer and art critic. His collection includes brochures and catalogs collected from various galleries and publishers in Lebanon, Iraq and Europe. It also Includes 15 posters some of them issued by the Friends of Jerusalem and 143 black and white Photographs for Lebanese and Iraqi cultural personalities. (Modern Art, Photography, Exhibitions)

Walid Ghulmiyah Collection, 1938-2011

Walid Ghulmiyah a Lebanese musician, composer, conductor, publisher and educator who played an important leading role in advancing music and art education in Lebanon and the region. The collection of around 20.5 linear feet chiefly consists of music sheets and press clippings covering Dr. Ghulmiyah’s professional life between 1962 and 2011. The music sheets include the composer’s six symphonies as well as his contributions to various forms of the performing arts: films, festival productions, plays and shows. (Music, Education, Culture)

World War I and King-Crane Commission Photo Album, 1918-1919

This album contains photographs that depict people and focal events that happened in the Middle East at the end of World War I. The most significant of the photographs are King Crane Commission1919. Included also are photographs of the British and Arab troops and portraits of political leaders and military officials. (World War I in, King-Crane Commission)

World War I in Palestine Photo Album, 1914-1918

A small album of 20 photos that well describe World War I in Palestine. The photos document important cities in Palestine like Kuweilfeh, Jerusalem, Jericho, Jaffa, Beersheba, and Er-Ramleh. It is relevant to researchers interested in the history of the Middle East during the Great War. (Palestine, Turkey, World War I)

Zahiya Kaddoura Collection, 1944-2014

Dr. Zahiya Kaddoura, pioneer woman who taught History and Islamic Studies, became the first woman Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the Lebanese University. This collection includes her autobiography, certificates and honors, correspondence with various subjects from Egypt and Lebanon, published research, in addition to some ephemera. (Gender Studies, Education, Lebanese University)

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