Periodicals Archives & Special Collections

The collection of periodicals includes around 10,000 titles of journals, newspapers, and magazines that were mainly published in Lebanon, including the American University of Beirut, and the Arab world; they document students' activities as well as the socioeconomic, cultural, political scene in the Arab world between late 19th century and present. The highlights of this collection are Arabic journals such as al-Muqtaṭaf, al-Muqtabas, al-ʻIrfān, al-Maʻraḍ, al-Ṭabīb, and Lotus, journals published and/or edited by women like al-ʻArūs, Fatāt al-Sharq, al-Mar`ah al-jadīdah, al-Khidr, al-Fajr, as well as AUB publications like Students Manuscript Magazines, Outlook, Campus (yearbooks) and Al-Kulliyah. In addition to our Arab comics collection like Ahmad, Samer, Sameer, Sinbad, Lulu, Superman, and TinTin, and Arab art magazines like al-Kawākib, Fikr wa-Fann, al-Zuhūr, al-Sīnimā wa-al-masraḥ.

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