SML Classes Saab Medical Library
​​SML has been providing lectures for more than 35 years. The aim of these lectures is to introduce users to major SML and Internet resources in the medical and health related fields, and to develop effective end-user searching and information retrieval skills.

These lectures can take different forms:

  • Course-integrated instruction: Any faculty member may arrange for SML librarian to give a course-related instruction to his/her students.  

  • One-day workshops or seminars: Upon request, a comprehensive informative one-day workshop or seminar may be given. 

  • IDTH 210: A 3-credit course given to Med-I students.

  • IDTH 301: A 2-credit course given to graduates of the Medical School every Fall.

  • SHARP 325: a course given every summer as part of the SHARP program. 

​To schedule the above classes / seminars contact SML Librarian​.