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    Saab Memorial Medical Library (SML) is a facility in which AUB users can access and obtain timely and reliable biomedical information in the location and format most appropriate to their clinical, educational, and research needs.


    Saab Memorial Medical Library (SML) aims to be a center of excellence that develops and sustains services and resources to support the biomedical information needs of AUB. SML, a National Focal Point for Health Information, is a leader and an innovator in meeting the educational, clinical, and research needs of the AUB, national and regional community.


    The Library serves as a gateway to the world's electronic and print biomedical information, assisting the AUB Medical Center, the Faculty of Medicine including School of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences and all other AUB Faculties, in accomplishing their missions and goals in the education of health professionals, advancement of knowledge through research, and delivery of both quality health care and excellent community service. Teaching informatics skills and meeting the information needs of the AUB Community are SML's main concerns. The library is a member of the healthcare team that supports a team-based learning medical education curriculum, evidence-based patient care and rigorous research. The library delivers data, information, and document delivery services to local and remote users through state-of-the-art technologies. It also provides community service through dissemination of expertise in health information seeking skills.

    Strategic Goals

    • ​To manage the technological evolution of the digital library and the ongoing digitization of information.
    • To reshape library services to fit the new environment.
    • To teach Health Information Literacy Skills for research, clinical decision making, and education
    • To provide service excellence and timely access to healthcare information independent of user location and mode of access
    • To collaborate creatively with colleagues within the University, the country and the region for the improvement of scholarly communication and the management and delivery of information services
    • ​To maintain and enhance our status as one of the top academic medical libraries in Lebanon and in the Region.


    Saab Memorial Medical Library (SML) is part of the AUB Libraries that also include the Jafet Memorial Library, Engineering and Architecture Library, and the Science and Agriculture Library with its annex, the Farm Library.
    SML entered the age of globalization by rendering its services in an effective and quick way to live up to its motto.  It is constantly developing its image as a "virtual library", while at the same time retaining its values as a traditional library leading to a "hybrid library".

    In 1925, the Medical Library occupied the ground floor of Van Dyck building then the Medical School Building. Before that date in 1867, medical books and periodicals were housed at the University Library in College Hall. In 1975, the Library moved to its present premises, the Saab Medical Library Building, dedicated to the memory of the late Dr. Nicholas Saab after a generous gift from his parents.  Dr. Saab graduated from the AUB Medical School in 1959.

    Saab Medical Library is ranked as a medium to a large size medical library and it uses the National Library of Medicine (NLM) classification schedule and the NLM Medical Subject Headings (MeSH).
    SML strongly emphasizes on training users on "Information Literacy Skills" through both live-classes and Web-based Research Guides.

    National Focal Point
    Due to SML large and rich collection and its excellent services to various hospitals, medical schools, physicians and researchers through out Lebanon and the Middle East, SML was designated in 1978 by the World Health Organization as the National Focal Point Library for Lebanon.


    The University's telephone numbers are: (01) 340460 - 350000 - 374444 - 374374. For outside callers, dial one of the University's numbers, then dial the desired 4-digit extension number, or wait for Operator assistance. 

    Callers from outside Lebanon, call 961-3-791-313 and then dial the desired 4-digit extension directly from your telephone or wait for Operato​r assistance.

    Saab Medical Library email:​


    A. User Services
    Saab Medical Library (SML), a branch library of Jafet Memorial Library, is a facility in which AUB users can access and obtain timely and reliable biomedical information in the location and format most appropriate to their needs. SML handles all sorts of reader services and provides Information Literacy classes for interested users.

    B. Acquisitions 
    Books (print & electronic) and audiovisual material are selected by the different Medical Departments at AUBMC, School of Nursing and Faculty of Health Sciences. SML aims at providing the exact items at the most desirable time and at the lowest price throughout the whole period of the fiscal year. Duplication is to be avoided, except when a work is in great demand. Orders are sent directly to the University Libraries' Acquisitions Department using the online form.

    Full policies and procedures can be found on the following link.

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