Evidence Based Medicine

​​​​Saab Medical Library created "Evidence by Medicine" area in an attempt to promote Evidence-Based Practice among AUB users. Its main objective is to collect in one place, high quality Evidence-Based Practi​ce documents, to keep them uptodate and to display them by subject specialty.​​

EBM Updates in Your Specialty

SML provides all healthcare professionals (AUB and non-AUB) weekly email alerts with the latest updates in EBM in your specialty and that have clinical significance. This is an effective, least time/effort consuming way to be updated with evidence without messing up with searching/appraising the collected evidence. To benefit from this, fill

SML EBM Resources

​SML Evidence-Based Medicine Resources are categorized and displayed in the form of Evidence Pyramid, where clicking on any pyramid category displays the corresponding SML Resources. ​​


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EBM Journal

​EBM Journal  is an updated weekly service from Dynamed that focuses on EBM documents that are most likely to change clinical practice

EBM Calculators

​​EBM Calculators provide easy to use calculators needed for EBM calculations