Beirut Design Week 2019 - Design and Nostalgia

​​​​​​BDW 2019 Hamra Day July 2nd

This year, d​esigners, artists, tech innovators, and thinkers were invited to explore the concept of nostalgia through the lens of present and future designs.​ The AUB Neighborhood Initiative once again played a role in portraying the theme through installations and workshops in the context of Ras Beirut.

Program curated by the AUB Neighborhood Initiative

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Public Tawleh

Design by Ramzi Alieh
An Urban Intervention on Jeanne D'Arc Street​

Le Souffleur

​Design by district d
Sound Composition: Budhaditya Chattopadhyay and Nadim Mishlawi

With the great support of our neighbors in Ain El Mreisseh
An Urban Intervention on the Ain el Mreisseh stairs

Ras Beirut Neighborhood Walk

A Walk with Mona El Hallak 

from Jeanne D'Arc street to the Ain Mreisseh Fishermen's port with a visit to Le Souffleur Museum​

The Sounds of the Alphabet of the Sea

Walk/Workshop by Dar Onboz led by Nadine Touma