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Neighborhood Initiative
Community and Well-Being


Since its establishment, the Neighborhood Initiative has supported studies and outreach activities that focus on the well-being of Ras Beirut residents.

To date, the Initiative has supported a participatory demographic and health survey of the neighborhood (The Ras Beirut Well-Being Survey) and efforts to support restaurants to enforce the ban on indoor smoking (Ras Beirut Leads: Restaurants Go Smoke-Free).

Also under this theme, the Neighborhood Initiative led in the founding of the University for Seniors in 2010.  The University for Seniors is a pioneering program for the plus 50 age group, encouraging learning for the pleasure of learning.

Another major project, the Ras Beirut Oral History Project, has captured the memories and the voices of our oldest neighbors with a focus on life before the Lebanese Civil War.

Finally the Neighborhood Initiative is collaborating with the University Libraries and select organizations in the neighborhood to promote reading through a community book exchange.



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