Ras Beirut Btifroz Campaign

The AUB Neighborhood Initiative has launched the “Ras Beirut Btifroz" campaign: a Sorting at the Source campaign in Ras Beirut in collaboration with the AUB Nature Conservation Center and Arcenciel as well as support from the Municipality of Beirut.  The campaign aims to effectively start a network of buildings who will commit to sorting their recyclables. 

This is a very ambitious project that has taken its time to be properly implemented, and we want to make it succeed in order to make a difference in our neighborhood. 

We have started implementation of the Ras Beirut Btifroz project in August 2018. Today, we have 60 participating buildings with about 850 households around Ras Beirut. We have organized training sessions with most of the participating buildings to spread awareness on the importance of reducing and to give detailed information and tips on effective sorting.


Over the past five months (Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, and Dec 2018), we have collected a total of 12,971 kg of paper and cardboard, plastic, tins, cans, and aluminum (1,315kg in August- 1074kg in September, 2,908kg in October, 3,702 in November, and 3,972 in December). The material sales for the first five months have amounted to 2,872$. As the numbers indicate, we have progressed positively and we aim to raise these numbers as we go forward, with the commitment of the participating buildings and enthusiasm for Ras Beirut to set a recycling model for the rest of the city.
  As agreed for the Ras Beirut Btifroz project, Arcenciel will give back 50% of the generated revenue from the recyclables collected within this project to be invested in urban interventions in Ras Beirut, in collaboration with the Municipality of Beirut. 

Since some material like glass, batteries, clothes and electronic waste are not collected by Arcenciel, we are discussing possible ways to have a collection plan or drop off points in the neighborhood with interested NGOs in the near future. Cedar Environmental have already placed collection bins for glass on the sidewalks at the Abdel Aziz-Makdisi intersection and just below the AUB Medical Gate. As for electronic waste, Ecoserv has several collection points in Ras Beirut including Micro-tech and Micro-city (check this link for Ecoserv's list of recyclable electronic waste).  


We are aiming to expand the project to as many buildings in our neighborhood especially those close to the ones already participating to optimize our routing and collection.  We can do this! Apartment by apartment, and building by building we can make Ras Beirut a more environmentally friendly neighborhood.