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Neighborhood Initiative
Ras Beirut Leads: Restaurants go Smoke-free
The Neighborhood Initiative, the AUB Tobacco Control Research Group, and the Center for Civic Engagement and Community Service, partnered to launch an initiative to support neighborhood restaurants to make the transition to smoke-free indoors. The team collaborated with a neighborhood firm Polypod, as well as many neighborhood restaurants, to create a campaign and raise awareness about Law 174.

On May 31st, 2012, the team marked World Tobacco Day with a series of visual displays around campus, as well as volunteers distributing flyers about the law. For pictures, click here.

On the September 3rd, 2012, the day of the start of the ban on smoking indoors in restaurants, a neighborhood event was organized, bringing together over 50 volunteers, and musical groups. Posters, pins, and signs were distributed to restaurants, and a live concert and show was held at Hamra Square. Volunteers walked around the neighborhood handing out flyers and explaining the law to passersby. For an article from the Faculty of Health Sciences about the law and the event, click here. See pictures and media coverage below:



Media coverage of the event:

(El Nashra) بدء الاحتفال بقرار منع التدخين في الاماكن العام في شارع الحمرا الرئيسي

(Al Anwar) مهرجان لمؤيدي منع التدخين... واعتصام لمعارضيه

(The Daily Star) Some Beirutis feel put out by smoking ban


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