Silent Room - National Bakeries

​​Design by Nathalie Harb

The Silent Room proposes a space, available to all, where the quantity of information, so over- present in the city, is radically reduced. It frees you to hear, see and touch in a context of extreme spareness. 
The Silent Room is a site of absence located within the contemporary city. It is designed to be a functional part of the city, existing alongside shops, market places, office buildings, construction sites, traffic. It offers an experience that contrasts with its surroundings and responds to the emotional conditions produced by them.
This reiteration of the Silent Room will be installed in the landmark site of Al Afran Al Wataniya (The National Bakeries) on Bliss Street in Ras Beirut, experimenting further with the possibility of integrating the project in an existing urban fabric.

With thanks to Skaff group, Blocksfinj, Joseph Kai, Rami Karim, and Ghassan Salameh.

With the great support of Saint Mary's Orthodox Church

This project was part of the Neighborhood Initiative curated projects for Beirut Design Week 2019.
Date: Saturday, May 11, 2019
Location: National Bakeries, Bliss Street​