American University of Beirut

Beirut Design Week 2018


Jeanne d'Arc Street Public Interventions

Neighborhood Initiative in collaboration with the Beirut Design Week

Beirut Design week and the AUB Neighborhood Initiative are collaborating this year in partnership with the Municipality of Beirut to launch a series of interventions activating Jeanne D'Arc Street that was rehabilitated as a model street for the city of Beirut. In a joint effort between the Beirut Municipality, the AUB Neighborhood Initiative and the Center for Civic Engagement and Community Service, the street was designed to be inclusive, age-friendly and pedestrian-friendly bringing together residents and businesses, urban designers, and accessibility advocates.  

We have mobilized designers to create projects, objects, interventions, and performances that will contribute to the rehabilitation of the street to set it as an example to be replicated in other streets around the City. The themes include urban green, urban farming, urban furniture, reading and storytelling, play, collective memory as well as walkability, soft mobility, recycling, and sustainability. All of the projects were produced in partnership with the AUB Neighborhood Initiative and many interventions will be permanent additions to the cityscape. 

All interventions are ongoing from 23-29 June 10am-6pm except for performances where times and dates are otherwise specified.

Special Thanks to the owners of lot 333/4/5/7 Ras Beirut.​

01- Adrian Muller

Designed for the AUB Neighborhood Initiative 

02- AUB - FAFS - Department of Landscape Design and Ecosystem Management (LDEM) & University for Seniors (Ufs)

03- AUB - MSFEA - Department of Architecture and Design - 100 Basic Design - Fall 2017

Karim Farah - Pascal Hachem - Rana Haddad - Hatem Imam - Sandra Richani - Raffi Tchakerian - Shawki Youssef
Students: Baraa Al Ali - Aya El Husseini - Christelle Moubarak - Amir Moujaes        

04 - BePublic

AUB - MSFEA - Department of Architecture and Design - Vertical Studio C - spring 2018
Rana Haddad - Pascal Hachem
Students: Tala El Khatib - Jad Najm - Tima Rabbat - Mariya Zantout

05 - Catalytic Action

06 - Dar Onboz

07 - Dispatch Beirut

08 - District D

Let's give and take books   

09 - Green Hand Organization

10 - Greener-on the other side

11 - Nathalie Harb

In collaboration with 21 DB, BUF and Khaled Yassine 

12 - Nathalie Harb

Team: Joseph Kai, Lea Keyrouz, Compost Baladi

13 - The Chain Effect

14- Yaraqa 

Walk – West House Plaza – Jeanne d'Arc Street

15 - Playhaus Studios

16 - Architects for Change

17 - Watermelon Circus 

18 - Zawarib

19 - Organisation De Developpment Durable (ODDD)

In collaboration with the London based sound performer Merijn Royaards
Performance – Khalidy House – Khalidy Street​

20 - Barrak Naamani

21 - NK by Nour Kays 

22- Concert in collaboration with Fete de la Musique​

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