Greening the Neighborhood

​​Greening the Neighborhood is an interdisciplinary and multi-pronged project that aims at developing prototype rainwater catchment systems, and green walls and roofs for institutional and residential buildings in Ras Beirut. With its four components (Water, Soil, Plants, and Structures) the project involves a series of research and outreach activities undertaken by the Neighborhood Initiative, the Center for Civic Engagement and Community Service CCECS, and the Department of Landscape Design and Ecosystem Management  (LDEM).

The horticulture team has explored innovative ways of designing and managing planted spaces in Ras Beirut, conducting research on indigenous, drought resistant plants that can be used on extensive roof gardens. Recommendations to improve the visual and environmental quality of AUB's neighborhood through landscape approaches
In 2011 engineering students explored the feasibility of creating rainwater catchment systems for different types of buildings in Ras Beirut. Student report on the feasibility of creating rainwater catchment systems​

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