Media Studies Program


Rami B Sabban

Intro to Photojournalism (MCOM 291F) and Intermediate Photojournalism (MCOM 293A)

Instructor: Mr. George Azar


These courses cover the history and development of photojournalism/ documentary and street photography and their place within the wider field of documentation and society at large. In these courses, students are able to explore photojournalism's early and modern masters, the social and political impact of their work and their varied methodologies. Both classes highlight the ethics of Photojournalism and explore critical issues in the field today. Most importantly, students learn basic photographic aesthetics and camera techniques and mechanics.   

The outcome of these courses was a series of photo essays and street photography by students who covered different fields, themes, and locations. The below photo essays and street photographs were related to Ras Beirut specifically. 

Tamara Saade​

Frederik Tillitz​


Tamara Saade ​

Razan Mneimneh​


Nour El-Kurdi​

Hind El-Hassan​​