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Policy Development

​​​​​AUB's institutional framework for responding to discrimination including sexual harassment was first established in the early 2000s based on the work of the Committee on Harassment and Discrimination Policy (2000-01). A second committee (2009-10) introduced substantive changes to the policies that were approved in 2012 and are currently in use. The policy framework has provided a progressive foundation for anti-discrimination and Title IX efforts since that time, and is currently being updated based on the recommendations of the Equity and Title IX Policy Working Group. 

Equity and Title IX Policy Working Group (2016-17)

The Equity and Title IX Working Group, formed by President Khuri in consultation with senior leadership in January 2016, worked for over a year to develop comprehensive ecommendations to enhance AUB's non-discrimination policy framework. Based on the group's recommendations presented in its final report of February 2017, the Equity and Title IX program established an institutional volunteer network of faculty and staff that includes a six-member Advisory Council, deputies in each faculty and key units, and additional members eligible to serve on panels. The group's detailed policy and process recommendations are being used to formulate revisions to the policy framework. 

Working Group Members:

  • Brigitte Khoury (Chair), Associate Professor, Clinical Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine  
  • Hanin Abdallah, Senior Lecturer, Management, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship, Olayan School of Business
  • Rima Afifi, Associate Dean/Professor, Health Promotion and Community Health, Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Huda Nakad Bechara, Assistant Registrar for Computer Affairs, Office of the Registrar
  • Maroun Ghazal, Director of Benefits, Human Resources
  • Patrick Haddad, Graduate Student, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • ​Gladys Honein, Assistant Professor, Hariri School of Nursing 
  • Zeina Kanafani, MD, Director of Medical Students' Affairs, Faculty of Medicine   
  • Lara Nasreddine, Chair and Associate Professor, Nutrition & Food Sciences, Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences
  • Bouchra Rahal, Assistant to the Provost for Academic and Faculty Affairs
  • Kassim Shaaban, Professor, English, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • Captain Saadallah Shalak, Chief of Protection   
  • Issam Srour, Associate Professor, Industrial and Engineering Management, Maroun Semaan Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

Second Committee on Harassment and Discrimination Policy (2009-10) 

Building on the policy framwork first established in the early 2000s, the second committee on harssment and discrimination policy—appointed by President Peter Dorman—comprehensively reviewed and developed recommendations to update the non-discrimination and anti-harssment policies and procedures. Approved in 2012, the policy framework has been used since that time. The committee recommended and included in the policies two fulltime positions for these efforts: 1) Institutional Integrity Officer/Title IX Coordinator and 2) Ombuds.​


  • Nesreen Ghaddar, MSFEA (acting chair)
  • ​Debra Callaghan
  • Ahmad Dallal, former Provost 
  • R. Hamzeh
  • P. Kayrouz
  • Brigitte Khoury, FM​
  • Hala Muhtasib, FAS
  • Huda Nakad Bechara, Office of the Registrar
  • Bouchra Rahal, Office of the Provost​
  • Assem Safieddine, OSB
  • Najla Shaar, Campus Procurement
  • Alan Shihadeh, MSFEA
  • I. Sleiman​​​

First Committee on Harassment and Discrimination Policy (2000-01) 

AUB's initial non-discrimination and anti-harassment policies were established under the leadership of President John Waterbury. 

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