Reporting Basics

​​​​​​​​HOW DO I REPORT?

  • Report to the Equity/Title IX Coordinator (phone, email, or in-person)  
    Mitra Tauk, Office of the President 
    College Hall, 4th Floor (Room 425)  
    Office: 01-350000 ext. 2514

  • Report to a Title IX Deputy​ (phone, email, or in-person)  
    See contact info here.

  • Report online using EthicsPointPlease note that you MUST log back into the system to see the response from the office, using the “report key,” a number generated for you when you submit. Arabic-language passwords will not work. You may report anonymously, if you wish.

See more info on the FAQs page.


Your privacy is important to the office. There are ways to report and get help anonymously and confidentially. Learn more on the Reporting FAQs page​.​​


After you report, the Equity and Title IX Office may take both informal and formal measures to address the situation.

Informal resolution can be used for informal and formal complaints. It involves taking action to:

  • Stop the conduct perceived as discrimina​tory;

  • Implement remedies such as scheduling or housing accommodations; and

  • Prevent recurrence.

Informal resolution will only be used in resolving formal complaints if the interests of all parties are protected. Either party to a formal complaint may end the informal resolution process and request a formal investigation. 

A formal complaint starts a resolution process that typically involves a panel investigation and final decision by the president. A panel process is most often utilized when formal 'notice' is received, however, the University may take action in the absence of a formal complaint to protect members of the AUB community. 

See more info on the FAQs page​ and in the chart below.