Advisory Council

​​​​The Presidential Equity and Title IX Advisory Council serves as a high-level advisory group to senior leadership on the policies, practices, and organizational framework needed to faciliate an equitable and inclusive climate on campus. The council was established in fall 2017 based on a key recommendation of the Equity and Title IX Policy Working Group (2016-17). The council also advises the Equity and Title IX program, and three members serve as deputy Title IX coordinators within their respective faculty or unit. 

  • Brigitte Khoury (Council Chair), Associate Professor, Psychiatry, FM  

  • Hanin Abdallah, Senior Lecturer, Marketing, Management, and Entrepreneurship, OSB 

  • Samar Diab, Director, AUB Human Resources 

  • Khouzama Knio (Title IX Deputy), Professor, Biology, FAS 

  • Maria Mansour (Title IX Deputy), Director, Office of Financial Planning

  • Issam Srour (Title IX Deputy), Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, MSFEA ​

​​​​​Members of AUB's Equity and Title IX Network are certified by the Association of Title IX Administrators (ATIXA). ​​

See more information about the Equity and Title IX office here and a list of Title IX deputies here.