Equity and Title IX Office

​​​​​​The Equity and Title IX Office, based in the Office of the President, coordinates AUB's response to discrimination, including sex- or gender-based harassment. Programming includes campus outreach, training, and oversight of formal panel investigations. Overseen by the university's Equity and Title IX coordinator, the initiative is supported by a broader network on campus that includes an Advisory Council, 15 Title IX deputy coordinators, and a pool of panel members eligible to serve on investigation panels. Members of the network are certified by the Association of Title IX Administrators (ATIXA​).​

Equity/Title IX Coordinator
Mitra Tauk
Office of the President, College Hall, Room 425
Ext. 2514​, titleix@aub.edu.lb 


Annual Reports:

Annual Report on Equity and Integrity Initiatives 2016-17
Annual Report on Equity and Integrity Initiatives 2015-16
Annual Report on Institutional Integrity 2014-15

Annual Report on Institutional Integrity 2013-­14

NOTE: The annual reports on institutional integrity for 2013-14 and 2014-15 include alleged misconduct reported to the Internal Auditing Office (IAO) under AUB’s "safe reporting" mechanism. Given the expansion of programming related to Equity and Title IX beginning in September 2015, subsequent annual reports on equity and integrity initiatives only include safe reporting data from IAO that is directly related to discrimination including discriminatory harassment. ​