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Policies & Procedures Review Committee


Charge of the Policy and Procedures Review Committee
The Policies and Procedures Review Committee (PPRC) is comprised of representatives from the major administrative and academic units as well as from AUBMC to serve as an advisory group and support the University mission by promoting best practices in university policy governance across AUB and particularly among policy owners. (When used generally, the word “policy” refers to policies, bylaws, procedures, manuals and other policy documents.
"Policy on the Development and Revision of Bylaws, Policies, Procedures, and Manuals"
PPRC Specific Responsibilities
Facilitate consistency in university policy development.
Monitor and suggest improvements to the policy management process through which new and revised policies are formulated, vetted, approved, communicated, monitored for compliance, reviewed, and retired as applicable.
Support policy development and revisions in line with the University’s governance documents and the Policy on the Development and Revision of Bylaws, Polici​es, Procedures, and Manuals ​to facilitate:
Utilization of a standardized format
Consistency among established policies
Inclusive review by key stakeholders
Adherence to the AUB Policy Approval Hierarchy
Regular comprehensive policy reviews
Advise on strategies to ensure that information regarding new, revised, and/or revoked policies is communicated to the appropriate AUB constituencies through AUB’s website and other mechanisms.
The Committee reports to the President and maintains minutes of meetings. The Committee will meet as needed to address matters on its agenda, but not less than four times per year. The Committee may invite other members of the AUB community to attend as necessary.
PPRC Membership

Appointed by the President: Chair (Academic Administrator)
Co-Chair (Administrator)
AUBMC designee
Two faculty members appointed by the president
Director of Procurement and Contracts Administration (or designee)
Director of Human Resources (or designee)
Chief Innovation and Transformation Officer (or designee)
Two faculty members elected by the Senate from the faculty at large
Associate Provost (if not Chair)
University Auditor (Non-voting)
By invitation:
Lebanese Legal Advisor (Non-voting)
Systems and Procedures Analyst
U.S. Legal Advisor (Non-voting)

The term for serving on this committee is recommended for two years (renewable) on a rotating basis for continuity.​

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