Banner Access: Security Procedure


​The issue of security at our institution is one that should be given much consideration. This facet of the system will control the access, update, and distribution of data from within the banner system. There are some basic schemes for invoking security in the system as follows:

  • Each person who will access the system must be given an Oracle logon ID.
  • Each person will have access to screens which store the data in the system.
  • Each screen will have either query only, or query and edit/update.

Banner Access Procedure (sample)Access to forms or tables:

  • If the user already exists on banner, specify his current user ID (RESUSRX).
  • If he is a new user to be defined, specify his full name.
    • If faculty member then his faculty code (AS,SB,EA,NU,…) is required.
    • If staff, his department name (financial aid, student affairs,…) is required.
    Form to be accessed (SFAREGS,SGASTDN,…) or table (SWBENRS,…)
  • Form access type (query or update).
  • Access beginning date.
  • Access ending date.
  • Name and signature of the person from the registrar’s office filling the request.
  • Request date.​