Guidelines for Scheduling of Quizzes and Midterms

​The following guidelines should be followed when scheduling quizzes and midterms that conflict with regularly scheduled courses:

1-Whenever possible, instructors of multi-section courses should schedule quizzes and midterms on Saturday.

2-Alternatively, the Registrar’s Office has software that can provide times when all of the students registered in a course are free; by contacting the registrar in advance, a suitable time may be found.

3-When these options are not available because of room availability or other reasons, quizzes and midterms should be scheduled in the weekday evenings beginning at 6:30.

Scheduling quizzes, midterms and other required activities as early as possible in the semester will help in the cases in which a confl​ict is irresolvable. In such cases, the instructor affected by the scheduling conflict should be notified in advance so that a solution can be negotiated. If the conflict cannot be resolved—if, for example, the regularly scheduled course cannot be made up—the student should attend the regularly scheduled course and the instructor who is scheduling the exam should provide an alternative to the student.