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Electronic Transcript Questions


What is an electronic transcript?

An electronic transcript or eTranscript is a certified PDF of your official transcript. While AUB works to select an eTranscript partner, it will issue PDF transcripts directly from the Office of the Registrar.

What is a certified PDF?

A certified PDF is an official transcript that has been digitally signed and therefore contains special characteristics. If this document has been issued by AUB, and this document is viewed using Adobe® Acrobat version 6.0 or greater, or Adobe® Reader version 6.04 or greater, it will reveal a digital signature that has been applied to the transcript. This digital signature will appear in a pop-up screen or status bar on the document, display a blue ribbon, and declare that the document was certified by AUB with a valid certificate issued by digicert®. This document certification can be validated by clicking on the Signature Properties of the document. The blue ribbon symbol is your assurance that the digital signature is valid, the document is authentic, and the contents of the transcript have not been altered.

If the transcript does not display a valid certification and signature message, reject this transcript immediately. An invalid digital signature display means either the digital signature is not authentic, or the document has been altered.

The digital signature can also be revoked by the Registrar if there is cause, and digital signatures can expire. A document with an invalid digital signature display should be rejected.

How can I be sure an electronic transcript is real?

AUB's official eTranscript is a certified PDF that displays a blue ribbon on the notification bar across the top of Adobe Reader, ensuring the recipient that the digital signature is authentic and the contents of the eTranscript have not been altered.

Why does my electronic transcript say COPY OF OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT when I print it?

An electronic transcript is considered official in PDF format only. If printed, the words COPY OF OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT will appear to indicate that the paper copy is not an official institutional document.

Who accepts PDF transcripts?

PDF delivery is becoming increasingly common. However, before requesting PDF transcript delivery, you should verify that the recipient will accept an electronic transcript. Additionally, it is important that you verify the appropriate email address for transmission of the transcript.

Can I forward a PDF transcript to someone else?

Each electronic transcript issued in PDF format has warnings that the document is intended for the recipient only. In addition, the email notification to the recipient states the same. AUB will not certify the authenticity of any PDF transcript that has been replicated or forwarded to any person or organization other than the intended recipient.

Is there an additional charge for electronic transcript service?

An additional fee applies for the certified PFD service.

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