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Graduation and Commencement



    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​Congratulations on your graduation!

    AUB is very proud to share your success. You've earned your degree and you are ready to pursue further dreams. Always be proud of your achievements!

    To know more about the graduation process and the steps you need to complete to graduate, please go to the graduation page.

    Once your graduation process is complete, you can pick up your degrees, for more information please go to degrees page.

    To celebrate you and your achievement, AUB organizes the annual Commencement Ceremony. To be part of it, please visit the commencement page. ​​


    Apply to graduate!

    Kindly note that it is your responsibility to apply to graduation as a first step in the graduation process. Applying for graduation is mandatory.

    Students who do not apply within the deadline will not graduate. Deadlines are always posted within due time.

    Follow the instructions posted here to apply.   

    ​​​​Please also note the following: 

    • In case of any discrepancy between your name in English on Banner versus the official passport/ID used, please send an email to the graduation team at with your change of name request. Once processed, you can proceed with the application.
    • Students who do not complete their Arabic name properly as per the exact spelling on the uploaded legal document will risk delays in the process, and in receiving the degree.
    • If you don’t graduate by the end of the term you are applying to, you can benefit from the option of us rolling your application to the next term; thus, no need to apply again. 
    • Students must select the proper program when applying. If there is more than one program listed when applying, please be sure to select the program you are currently enrolled in. 
    • Candidates working for more than one degree should apply twice only if the types of the degrees are different (BA and BS, BEN and BS, etc..) and/or the programs belong to separate faculties. (That is, students working for double majors of the same degree type and faculty should apply once).
    • You may monitor the status of your application by logging into AUBsis​. To check the details of your application, click on the link “Active”.​


    Graduating students shall finalize their clearance​ process before receiving their degrees. 

    As part of the University's accreditation process and because we would like to do a better job of keeping track of our graduates, all graduating students are required to go through the clearance process. 

    Graduating students must return all equipment and other University property and materials one day before the clearance appointment date. Failure to obtain clearance from all concerned offices will necessitate the withholding of your degree. 

    After the Senate vote, the Office of the Registrar will initiate the clearance for all potential graduates and students will be notified via their AUB email. The clearance will flow from one office to the other for approval/hold, which can be on library books, unsettled fees, etc.). Graduating students are responsible to clear any hold with the concerned office. 

    Graduating students can access their clearances here (log in using your AUBnet​ user name and password). you will be able to view your clearance status accordingly. 


    ​​Once you complete your graduation process and after the Senate vote meeting for graduation, you can schedule an appointment​ to pick up your degree.

    Appointments are made available in due times accordingly. As a prospective graduate, you will be receiving email notifications from the Office of Registrar when schedule for picking up your degree is open for appointments.

    Names on diplomas and degrees are spelled exactly as they appear on passports or identity cards. According to the Lebanese Ministry of Education, the names of the Lebanese students should include first name, father's name, and family name. Names on AUB diplomas and degrees appear both in Arabic and English. If a name on a passport or identity card does not appear in both languages, then the name that does not appear in one language will be spelled on AUB diplomas and degrees according to the personal preference of the student.

    Once the degree is issued, it cannot be reissued with different names. "Same name as" certificate can be issued by the Office of Registrar to account for any variation over time. ​

    Commencement Excercises


    For information on commencement exercises please click here

    The commencement Committee currently allows undergraduate students who have three credits or fewer remaining in their degrees to take these credits (or zero-credit internship) in the summer and to march in the spring commencement ceremony.

    The criteria for being eligible for this accommodation are the following:

    1. Three credits or fewer to complete in the summer. No exceptions!

    2. Registered for these credits (or zero-credit internship).

    3. Paid for these credits.

     Eligible students need to submit the online form Intention to March in the Commencement Ceremony​.

    Please note that these students do not graduate in spring and will be summer graduates. 

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