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Policies & Procedures

​​​General Registration Instructions

  1. New students must report to the university health services for medical clearance before starting to register.
  2. New students are urged to secure a post office box immediately after payment of fees.
  3. Bursary students should go in person to the Office of Student Affairs to collect their statements of fees and finalize their registration.
  4. Fees are paid, in certified checks only; checks should be issued to the order of the bank concerned according to the following format: "Pay to the order of (name of the bank) account AUB". The value of the check should be the exact amount shown on the statement of fees.
  5. Once a student has completed his/her registration including payment of fees, no further changes in his/her schedule w​ill be allowed until the add and drop period.
  6. Students wishing to add courses during the add and drop period should report to the students' accounts section, Comptroller’s Office, College Hall, as soon as their courses are registered to pay for any additional fees that they may owe the University as a result of the adjustments that they introduced to their schedules. Failure to pay the additional fees within a period of fourteen days beginning with the last day of the add and drop period will result in the student being dropped from the added course(s). The student will still be under obligation to pay the due fees including the tuition for the added credits.
  7. . Contracts of graduate assistants should be finalized with the offices of the deans of faculties and sent to the Comptroller's Office before the completion of registration and the issuing of statements of fees.


Cross Registration: Students Enrolled at AUB Taking Courses at Other Universities

A student studying at the American University of Beirut may be allowed to cross-register for a course at other recognized academic institutions if all of the following conditions are met:

  • The course is required by AUB.
  • The course is not offered at AUB during the semester at the end of which the student expects to graduate.
  • The course in which the student intends to cross-register is equivalent to a course that AUB offers. (The number and title of each of the two equivalent courses should be clearly indicated.)
  • The chairperson of the department in which the student is majoring sends to the registrar a written statement confirming that all of the conditions listed above have been met.
  • The registrar authorizes the student to cross-register; the student submits authorization to the concerned institution.


Students who wish to audit courses must secure the approval of the professor who is teaching the course that they wish to audit and should pay fees due to the Comptroller’s Office. Auditors are not issued student identity numbers and the University does not provide them with university identity cards.

Withdrawal from Courses

A student can withdraw from only one required course per semester. Students who wish to withdraw from more than one required course in any given semester must petition the appropriate faculty committee for permission to do so.

Guidlines for preparing a letter of Intent of Proposing a new Undergraduate Program

​Academic Development Committee


The Letter of Intent provides an early description of the nature and objectives of the proposed undergraduate program, which will assist the university administration in understanding and evaluating the fit of the proposed program with the priorities and strategic directions of the University.

The letter of Intent should address the following questions in 2-3 pages. If an item cannot be adequately addressed at the time of submission, an explanation should be provided.

1. What is the motivation for proposing this program at this time? What elements of the University and society support and require this program?

2. What is the anticipated student demand for the program? Does the program meet a perceived need, particularly within a national/regional context? What is the projected student enrolment in the program initially and over time, and on what evidence is the projection based?

3. How does this proposal fit with the priorities of the University and faculty strategic plan? Are there measurable benefits to offering the program at this time?

4. What is the relationship of the proposed program to other programs offered by the faculty or school and to programs offered elsewhere (interactions, similarities, differences, relative priorities)? What effect will the proposed program have on other similar or related programs, and, in particular, on student enrolment in these programs? Is there justification to proceed regardless of any perceived duplication? Will a program be deleted because of offering the new program?

5. Please describe the resources available and committed to the program, regarding both time-costs and ongoing operating costs. Does the department/program/school possess the resources required to implement and support the program (faculty teaching, administrative and other support, student funding, facilities and space, infrastructure, equipment)? Will additional university resources be required?

6. Please describe the risks, assumptions, or constraints associated with initiating this new program at this time. Has a risk analysis of this program been conducted, relative to the probable success of the program and those factors that influence the likelihood of success? What risks are associated with not proceeding with the program at this time?

7. What is the anticipated start date of the program? What considerations apply to the start date?


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