What We Do

​​The Registrar's Office serves as the University's central service and academic support unit to:Collect and record student and instructional academic program information.

Conduct and manage processes related to registration:
  • Course offerings/ scheduling
  • Web registration
  • Final exams scheduling
Coordinate and produce official enrollment and academic certification from academic records:
  • Enrollment certificates
  • Transcripts
  • Verifications of degrees
Provide support for determining academic eligibility and academic progress:
  • Curriculum guidance (CAPP)
  • Dean’s Honor List
  • Probations
  • Promotions
  • Graduation

Process transfer credit for incoming undergraduate students.

Officially respond to requests for information about students and programs, and serve as the official manager for access to and release of student academic and educational information (e.g. requests for information about individual and groups of students, including all academic issues).

Coordinate the collection of information for the catalogue from all academic and non-academic units of the university and identify inconsistencies of anomalies among them.

Prepare for commencement and graduation.

Administer in-house printing of diplomas

Administer the government health insurance plan for Lebanese students (NSSF)

Manage AUB SIS:

  • Maintain student data
  • Administer access rights to student-banner users
  • Offer data services
  • Ex-officio member of numerous university and faculty committees.

Prepare the University Calendar