American University of Beirut

Department of Anatomy, Cell Biology and Physiological Sciences

Chairperson (Interim): Eid, Assaad, A.
Emeritus Professor:Bikhazi, Anwar
Professors: Barada, Kassem; Bazarbachi, Ali; Birbari, Adel; Eid, Assad, A.; El-Sabban, Marwan; Jurjus, Abdo; Mourad, Fadi; Nasr, Rihab; Saade, Nayef; Darwich Hala
Associate Professors: Abou-Kheir, Wassim; Daoud Georges; Zeidan, Youssef
Assistant Professors: Lawand, Nada B.; Obeid, Makram
Associates: Alok, Khaled; Husari, Ahmad; Kibbi, Abdul-Ghani; Kahhale, Joseph; Rebeiz, Abdallah; Hawi, Jihad; Oueidat, Doureid; Saad, William​

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The department offers three disciplines of study, which are Human Morphology, Physiology, and Neuroscience. Each discipline provides courses to medical, graduate, nursing, nutrition, paramedical and undergraduate students.

The graduate program is broad, leading to a master’s degree (MS) or doctoral degree (PhD) in Biomedical Sciences. Students with a BS degree or its equivalent in mathematics, biology, physics, or chemistry, as well as advanced courses in physiology and other medical science disciplines, are eligible to apply. The department may ask for specific prerequisites in certain disciplines, such as biology and chemistry as deemed necessary.

Anatomy and Cell Biology

Required courses for the discipline of Human Morphology include: PHYL 310 (3 cr.), HUMR 305 (3 cr.), HUMR 306 (3 cr.), HUMR 308 (3 cr.), HUMR 314 (1 cr.) and HUMR 310 (A&C, 2 cr.).


Required courses for the discipline in Physiology include PHYL 300 (2 cr.), PHYL 302 (2 cr.), PHYL 304 (3 cr.), PHYL 308 (3 cr.), PHYL 310 (3 cr.), HUMR 305 (3 cr.), HUMR 314 (1 cr.) and HUMR 310 (A&C, 2 cr.).


Required courses for the discipline in Neuroscience include PHYL 310 (3 cr.), PHYL 308 (3 cr.), HUMR 305 (3 cr.), HUMR 308 (3 cr.), HUMR 310 (A&C, 2 cr.) and HUMR 314 (1 cr.).

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