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Interfaculty Graduate Nutrition Program (GNP)

The Interfaculty Graduate Nutrition Program (GNP), leading to the MS degree in Nutrition (thesis or non-thesis), draws on the resources of various departments of the Faculties of Agricultural and Food Sciences, Medicine and Health Sciences, and provides opportunities for study and research in the general field of nutrition. The involvement of several faculties in this program provides students with a wide range of choices that enables them to specialize in areas of nutrition, such as basic nutrition, community nutrition, clinical nutrition or nutritional biochemistry. Students can register in this program through any of the participating faculties.

The program is administered by an interfaculty coordinating committee and the graduate committees of the participating faculties.

To be accepted into the program, the student must:

Meet general university requirements for admission to graduate study

Be recommended by the department concerned

Degree Requirements

MS Nutrition (Thesis)

Requirements for the MS degree in Nutrition (thesis) are coursework and a thesis. (Total number of credits required is 30 including 21 course credits and 9 thesis credits.)

​Required Core Courses
NFSC 311​Advanced Nutrition: Macro Nutrients
NFSC 314Advanced Nutrition: Minerals​3
NFSC 315Advanced Nutrition: Vitamins​3
NFSC 395Graduate Seminar in Nutrition and Food Science1
NFSC 301Statistical Methods for Nutrition and Food Science​3
NFSC 399Thesis9
Suggested Electives ​Credits
NFSC 300AGraduate Tutorial
NFSC 300BGraduate Tutorial2
NFSC 300CGraduate Tutorial​3
NFSC 305Sensory Evaluation of Food​3
NFSC 306Community Nutrition: Research and Intervention​3
NFSC 307Nutritional Epidemiology​3
NFSC 308Advanced Therapeutic Nutrition​3
NFSC 310Advanced Food Biochemistry​3
NFSC 351Food Safety: Contaminants and Toxins​3
NFSC 391Research Techniques​​3

Other elective courses must be approved by the Thesis Supervisory Committee and the faculty/school Graduate Studies Committee.

The course program followed by the student as well as the thesis to be undertaken will be selected in consultation with the Thesis Committee, the faculty/school Graduate Studies Committee and the department concerned depending on the student’s background and interests.

Graduate students in the Nutrition (thesis) program may take a maximum of 3 credits in graduate tutorial courses.

MS Nutrition (Non-Thesis)

Requirements for the MS degree in Nutrition (non-thesis) consist of coursework and research. (Total number of credits required is 33.)

​Required Core Courses
Graduate Tutorial
NFSC 311 Advanced Nutrition: Macro Nutrients​3
NFSC 314 Advanced Nutrition: Minerals​3
NFSC 315 Advanced Nutrition: Vitamins​3
NFSC 395 Graduate Seminar in Nutrition and Food Science​1
NFSC 301 Statistical Methods for Nutrition and Food Science​3
Suggested Electives ​Credits
NFSC 300AGraduate Tutorial
NFSC 300B Graduate Tutorial
NFSC 305
Sensory Evaluation of Foods
NFSC 306 Community Nutrition: Research and Intervention
NFSC 307 Nutritional Epidemiology
NFSC 308 Advanced Therapeutic Nutrition
NFSC 310 Advanced Food Biochemistry
NFSC 312 Sports Nutrition
NFSC 351 Food Safety: Contaminants and Toxins
NFSC 391 Research Techniques

Other elective courses need to be approved by the student Supervisory Committee faculty/school Graduate Studies Committee.

Graduate students in Nutrition (non-thesis) can take a maximum of 6 credits in graduate tutorial courses.

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