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Institute of Financial Economics (IFE)

Director: Neaime, Simon
Senior Fellows:Makdisi, Samir A.; Altug, Sumru
Fellows:Neaime, Simon E.; El Joueidi, Sarah

Steering Committee

Simon Neaime, Chairperson, Professor, Department of Economics
Sumru Altug, Member, Professor, Department of Economics
Samir Makdisi, Member, Professor Emeritus, Department of Economics
Selim Chahine, Member, Professor, Olayan School of Business
Ali Chehab, Member, Professor, Department of Engineering
Assem Safieddine, Member, Professor, Department of Computer Science
Nabil Nassif, Member, Professor, Department of Mathematics
George Turkiyyah, Member, Professor, Department of Computer Science​


Effective October 2001, the Institute of Money and Banking, founded in 1984 at the initiative of Samir Makdisi, was restructured as the Institute of Financial Economics to be engaged in research work, seminars and workshops primarily in the areas of financial, monetary, international and political economics.

In tandem with the ongoing process of globalization, there has been a growing emphasis on the fields of financial, monetary and international economics. A major objective of the Institute is to promote research and other academic activities in these fields and thereby build it up into a major research center particularly as concerns Arab and other developing economies. The Institute encourages collaborative work with appropriate national, regional and international organizations, and research centers.

The principal goals of the Institute may be briefly outlined as follows:

  • Its first goal is to conduct, organize and sponsor high-level research work related in particular (but not exclusively) to financial, monetary and international economics as well as to political economy. Emphasis will be placed on policy-oriented empirical work pertaining to the Arab region and other developing areas, and collaborative teamwork will be promoted. Such research will prove beneficial to governments and organizations concerned with the design of economic and financial policies, especially in the Arab region.
  • Its second goal is to hold seminars, workshops and lectures on various topics related to the above areas. The first two types of activities will, among other things, bring together academicians, financial managers and experts, and policy makers to analyze issues of relevance at the policy level.
  • Finally, it aims to accommodate visiting scholars and experts, for various intervals of time, to conduct research at the Institute and sponsor public lectures in financial, monetary and related fields.


  • A Seminar Series consisting of lectures given by invited scholars and experts in the field.
  • A Working Paper Series which the Institute publishes as part of its role in making available ongoing research within and outside the University.

Membership and Governance

The Institute is an independent academic entity within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences with its own endowment fund. It is managed by a director and staffed with research fellows, visiting scholars, post-doctoral fellows, research assistants and associates, graduate research assistants and an assistant to the director.

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