American University of Beirut

Kamal A. Shair Central Research Science Laboratory (KAS CRSL)

Director: Oweini, Rami, PhD
Laboratory Manager: Shatila, Rania, MS
Laboratory Scientist:
El Khoury, Wendy, MS
​Laboratory Assistant:Abi Aad, Nour, BS​

The Kamal A. Shair Central Research Science Laboratory (KAS CRSL), commonly known as the CORE facility, at the American University of Beirut is a six-million-dollar Faculty of Arts & Sciences facility housing more than 40 major equipment distributed between Four Areas (Central Wing, East Wing, West Wing, and Basement; ~400 m2) and a multitude of other multi-user equipment and facilities. The KAS CRSL is considered as the pride of FAS and AUB, as it serves research in most disciplines across AUB (mainly FAS, MSFEA, FAFS, FHS, FM) and constitutes a state of-the-art platform essential for a thriving and progressive university research environment.

The KAS CRSL is comprised of Six Main Sections: Bioscience, Chromatography, Magnetoscience, Materials Science, Microscopy & Imaging, Spectrophotometry. The KAS CRSL complements other specialized departmental and faculty research laboratories, and as such aims at promoting individual as well as joint and multidisciplinary cooperative research.

The KAS CRSL is designed primarily to serve AUB faculty members, their graduate students, and their collaborators whether from industry or other universities within Lebanon, the MENA region, or internationally. Furthermore, the KAS CRSL contributes to excellence in undergraduate teaching by providing students with hands-on learning experience on advanced instrumentations and a head-start in scientific research.

The KAS CRSL is a testimony to AUB’s commitment in advancing science, technology, research, and innovation at the highest levels of quality and safety. There are more than 300 active users working and conducting their research studies at the KAS CRSL and producing more than 250 publications per year. The KAS CRSL is constantly offering its users with top-of-the-line and day-to-day training sessions and workshops, troubleshooting, as well as method validation, equipment calibration, and occasional data analysis. Its mission is to provide cutting-edge technologies and facilities that enables our researchers to compete on the global scale.

The KAS CRSL is located in Emile Bustani Hall, Room 120. Contact the KAS CRSL by email at or by phone at AUB extension 4300.

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