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Department of Agriculture (AGRI) Undergraduate Program

​Interim Chairperson:
​Bashour, Isam
​Professor Emeritus:
​Kawar, Nasri
​Abou Jawdah, Yusuf; Bashour, Isam; Farran, Mohamad; Haidar, Mustapha; Hamadeh, Shady
​Adjunct Professor:
​Mohtar, Rabi
​Associate Professors:
​Chaaban, Jad1; Chalak, Ali; Jaafar, Hadi
​Adjunct Assistant professors:
​Abebe, Gumataw; Martiniello, Giuliano ; Aoun Mirella
​Assistant Professors:​El Kayal, Walid; Yanni, Sandra1
​Jaber, Lina; Doughan, Youssef
​Associates to the Department:​Bahn, Rachel Anne, Sobh, Hana

Undergraduate Program    

The Department of Agriculture offers a multidisciplinary program with the objective of training students in the various theoretical and practical aspects of agricultural sciences and Agribusiness. Department graduates are prepared to successfully contribute to the agricultural research, business, and education programs in the region.

The department offers two programs, one leading to a BS degree in Agriculture and the Diploma of Ingénieur Agricole, and the other leading to a BS degree in Agribusiness.

The Agriculture (AGRI) program prepares students to address current agricultural issues at the regional and global levels using their scientific knowledge to improve production and protect the environment. The department provides practical and up- to-date knowledge in plant production, plant health management, animal production and health, and land and water conservation. The department also trains students to become skilled farm operators and managers who are innovative and responsive to local and regional needs and who are capable of adapting to market changes and rising production costs.

The department offers two concentrations. A Concentration requires a total of 12 credits. Students in their final year may select 12 credits from the lists, which include courses in agricultural sciences and animal and veterinary sciences. Students who do not wish to do a concentration will be considered to be following the broader Agriculture sequence (Receive a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and Diploma of Ingénieur Agricole with no concentration).

Undergraduate courses are offered in the areas of crop systems, agro-chemicals, farm power and alternative energy, plant health, organic and intensive agriculture, water technologies, conservation agriculture, soils, GIS in agriculture, agricultural economics and rural development. In addition, the program covers animal agriculture including nutrition, genetics and physiology, management and health. Introductory courses in these subjects are offered to agriculture students within the framework of a core curriculum. Specialized and advanced courses are also offered as electives to undergraduates.

The Agribusiness (AGBU) program combines the study of management with agricultural sciences in order to provide students with an understanding of the economic and business principles that underlie management tools and their application to agricultural and related businesses. The educational objectives of the AGBU program are to prepare students to become entrepreneurs, business leaders, skilled farm operators and future policy advisers who are well-grounded in the fields of agriculture and food production and who are capable of communicating and using their skills in order to improve their livelihood and that of their community.

Undergraduate courses are offered in the areas of agriculture, business management and accounting, marketing, agricultural economics, entrepreneurship and rural development. Specialized and advanced courses are also offered as electives to undergraduates.

Course Descriptions

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